Classroom Presentations - Kindergarten

Classroom presentations are 1 hour unless indicated.
Maximum of 30 students per presentation.

All classroom presentations require 2 tables, a garbage bin, electrical outlet and access to water. Nametags are required for all students. 

Additional adult helpers are always welcome! 

Bubble Bubble

Can you blow the biggest bubble? Student 'bubbleologists' use everyday tools to create amazing bubble masterpieces and discover the science of bubbles through hands-on experiments.

Powerful Patterns

Be amazed by the power of patterns! Students will work through a series of stations to explore patterns in objects all around us, investigate patterns in nature, and create their own patterns using a variety of instruments and materials. 

Additional requirements: a white surface or projection screen. 

Chilling Out

Get ready for some cool science! Students will explore ways in which humans and animals prepare themselves for cold weather. We also make a tasty cool treat using liquid nitrogen.

Allergy Alert: Ice cream - homogenized milk, whipping cream, sugar, vanilla extract, ice cream cones.