Dinosaurs Unearthed: Down to the Bone

Don't miss your chance for your class to come face-to-teeth (and feather!) with some of the most iconic species of all time...

Dinosaurs Unearthed: Down to the Bone ends November 4, 2018

Students will explore exciting and newly discovered dinosaurs, and learn all about a dinosaur’s hard-knock life through the injuries and diseases that left their mark.

From the massive 17.5-metre long-necked Omeisaurus, to the petite Psittacosaurus at just under a metre, the diversity of skeletons is rivaled only by the real and replica fossils.

Student will encounter a variety of skeletons, spanning the Mesozoic Era and travel to paleontological hot spots around the world, showcasing the differences between these incredible creatures. 

A prehistoric scene sets the stage for unique exhibits, like the story of a set of Gorgosaurus replica fossils showing some of the injuries and diseases present in one unlucky specimen, or a rare and never-before-seen complete Troodon egg nest, as well as feathered fossils of both dinosaurs and primitive birds.

Life-sized animatronics, model skeletons and real fossils immerse students into the world of dinosaurs as they discover the diversity within dinosaur families and unearth new information.

Alberta Curriculum Connections: 

  • Science 1 – Topic E – Needs of Animals and Plants
  • Science 3 – Topic E – Animal Life Cycles
  • Science 5 – Topic E – Wetland Ecosystems
  • Science 7 – Interactions and Ecosystems
  • Science 9 – Biological Diversity
  • Biology 20 – Unit B – Ecosystems and Population Change

Enhance your field trip experience with one of these school programs: 

Download the Educator's Guide for the Dinosaurs Unearthed: Down to the Bone exhibition. 

Teachers can choose from several types of activities included inside the Educator's Guide that will best fit students’ needs and interests.

The Educator's Guide contains:

  • Six (6) Classroom Lesson Plans based on STEM criteria centered on key topics highlighted in the exhibition
  • Recommended reading lists to expand your students’ knowledge of the world of dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur-themed games, puzzles for both younger and older students

Dinosaurs Unearthed: Down to the Bone is included in Building Admission. Please see our Program Fees for more information. 

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