Dinosaurs Unearthed: Down to the Bone

Get ready to come face to teeth (and feather!) with some of the most iconic species of all time...

Students will explore exciting and newly discovered dinosaurs, and learn all about a dinosaur’s hard-knock life through the injuries and diseases that left their mark.

From the massive 17.5-metre long-necked Omeisaurus, to the petite Psittacosaurus at just under a metre, the diversity of skeletons is rivaled only by the real and replica fossils.

Student will encounter a variety of skeletons, spanning the Mesozoic Era and travel to paleontological hot spots around the world, showcasing the differences between these incredible creatures. 

A prehistoric scene sets the stage for unique exhibits, like the story of a set of Gorgosaurus replica fossils showing some of the injuries and diseases present in one unlucky specimen, or a rare and never-before-seen complete Troodon egg nest, as well as feathered fossils of both dinosaurs and primitive birds.

Life-sized animatronics, model skeletons and real fossils immerse students into the world of dinosaurs as they discover the diversity within dinosaur families and unearth new information.

Alberta Curriculum Connections: 

  • Science 1 – Topic E – Needs of Animals and Plants
  • Science 3 – Topic E – Animal Life Cycles
  • Science 5 – Topic E – Wetland Ecosystems
  • Science 7 – Interactions and Ecosystems
  • Science 9 – Biological Diversity
  • Biology 20 – Unit B – Ecosystems and Population Change

Enhance your field trip experience with one of these school programs: 

Download the Educator's Guide for the Dinosaurs Unearthed: Down to the Bone exhibition. 

Teachers can choose from several types of activities included inside the Educator's Guide that will best fit students’ needs and interests.

The Educator's Guide contains:

  • Six (6) Classroom Lesson Plans based on STEM criteria centered on key topics highlighted in the exhibition
  • Recommended reading lists to expand your students’ knowledge of the world of dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur-themed games, puzzles for both younger and older students

Dinosaurs Unearthed: Down to the Bone is included in Building Admission. Please see our Program Fees for more information. 

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