Beyond Rubik's Cube for Schools

Open daily and included with Building Admission

This exhibit has ended.

Through highly interactive physical and digital challenges, students will explore how the Rubik’s Cube emerged from a workshop in Communist-era Hungary to become a worldwide phenomenon, fostering creativity across the fields of science, technology, engineering, robotics, the visual arts, music, film, architecture, and mathematics.

Students will be immersed in science, technology, engineering, art and math inside the exhibition that features 3 unique zones each with their own interactive displays.

The Invent Zone invites students to jump right into the complex and compelling world of puzzle toys includes rare showcasing the humble and brilliant Hungarian origin of Ernő Rubik’s great invention. Students will explore the the complex geometry behind Rubik’s Cube by arranging 3D shapes, inventing their own puzzles, and creating visually stunning patterns on an interactive touch table. 

The Play Zone is for more hands-on exploration and will feature the Solve Bar where cubers of all skill levels and provides animated instructions for conquering the Cube. Students will discover the parallels between computer programming and Cube solving as they program a robot to run a maze.

The Inspire Zone shows the Cube’s vast artistic and technological influence where students canc ontrol a giant Rubik's Cube to discover the internal mechanism that makes it work. 

Download the Educator's Guide for Beyond Rubik's Cube

Alberta Curriculum Connections


Grade 3 Testing Materials and Designs
Grade 4 Wheels and Levers
Grade 7 Structures and Forces
Grade 8 Mechanical Systems
Grade 10 Science and Technology


All Grades

Art and Design:

All Grades

Beyond Rubik's Cube Educator's Guide


Special Program inside Beyond Rubik's Cube 


60 minutes
Grades 3-6
$4.00 per student  (in addition to Building Admission)

Enhance your experience in the Rubik’s cube exhibit with this hands-on program! Your students will have the opportunity to build and experiment with a variety of shapes, patterns and other math concepts. This station-based program lasts 60 minutes, and involves 15 minutes of focused gallery time where newly learned concepts will be applied.


Beyond Rubik's Cube is included with Building Admission. Click here for Program Fees.

Required chaperone ratio are 1:5 for K-Grade 6, and 1:10 for Grades 7-12. 

Admission to feature exhibition includes building admission. 



Book your class today! Dates are available for schools from November 7, 2015 until February 15, 2016. Call the TWOSE Bookings Office to schedule your class: 780-451-3344 (press 1).