The Body Fantastic

The Body Fantastic


Open daily and included with your Science Centre admission!

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Our most popular gallery is designed to immerse visitors in the carnival that is The Body Fantastic!

A variety of large 3-dimensional models show how bodies work, how brains make sense of the world around us and, best of all, everything weird. The Gallery of the Gross is a popular destination with several hands-on exhibits that are indeed gross.

Visitors can look at X-rays, check their pulse, test their sense of smell, and do many other fun activites designed to teach all ages about the human body. The carnival theme helps make the learning fun and enjoyable.

The Body Fantastic is also home to RoboThespian™. Visitors can program the robot or sit back and have RoboThespian do the teaching.

The Body Fantastic is also home to our multi-axis trainer. Visitors can take a spin in the trainer when our interpretive staff are assigned to the exhibit - usually on weekends and holidays.