Syncrude Environment Gallery

Syncrude Environment Gallery


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Winner of the 2013 CASCADE award for the Best Exhibit or Show – Large Institution.

Our award-winning Syncrude Environment Gallery features displays and interactive exhibits unique to Edmonton.

The centerpiece of the gallery is Science on a Sphere - an iconic 6-foot diameter projection system used by staff scientists to visually enhance presentations on environmental science. When our staff aren't presenting shows on the sphere, you can catch hundreds of 3-5 minute automated shows on a variety of topics. 

The gallery has five themed areas to explore:

Forest Fires 

  • Tree Cookies – examine tree cookies to discover what fire scars look like. Can you identify a fire scar?
  • Lodgepole Pine Cones  – check out what these special, fire-adapated pine cones look like. The special wax-coating of the cones protects them from burning, and as the wax melts their seeds spread new life across the forest.

Ice Detectives

  • Water Quality Testing – with an Interpreter, test water samples to understand what makes a healthy aquatic ecosystem.
  • Polar Ice Cap Floor Projection – learn about the changing Arctic habitats and the shrinking polar ice cap. Pretend you are a polar bear jumping between ice flows as they break apart. 
  • Replica Ice Core Interactive – learn about the information trapped within this giant piece of replica ice and how scientists decode it to understand past climates.

Rock Hounds

  • Oil Sands – touch a sample of thick, sticky oil sands and compare it to the feeling of liquid, synthetic crude oil. Discover why Alberta is home to large amounts of this resource and the process used to extract and refine it.
  • Stone or Bone? – compare samples of fossils, bone, and stone to learn the similarities and differences. 
  • Geology Testing Station – with our Interpreters test rock and mineral samples to determine their properties.
  • Forming Alberta Spin Browser – an animated geologic history of Alberta showing how the Earth has changed over millions of years.

Eco Explorers

  • Mountain Pine Beetle – these beetles are often thought of as a pest but find out how they can contribute to a healthy ecosystem.
  • Be a Bee – see what a bee sees when it looks at flowers and learn to do a waggle dance to tell other bees where to find the pollen. 
  • Coral Reef Tank – a tank highlighting tropical species. 
  • Ecosystem Exploration Touch-table – find critters in the Amazon rainforest or in the Alberta Boreal Plains using an interactive touch-screen table.

Storm Trackers

  • Cloud Puzzle – match cloud shapes with their weather patterns.
  • Extreme Weather Lab – build the conditions to create weather events in Edmonton.
  • Tornado Machine – with a push of a button see how a tornado is formed.

Citizen Science Projects

The Environment Gallery features several Citizen Science Projects and highlights ways people can become involved in ongoing projects as part of their daily lives. Our staff scientists have compiled a list of ongoing Citizen Science Projects.

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