Adventure Film Festival Pt.1

Adventure Film Festival Pt.1


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November 27, 2018, is part 1 of the Adventure Film Festival.

Adventure Film Festival started in 2003 as a dream in the heart of the Himalayas...

In a tent during a storm, on a handful of scratch paper, the late Jonny Copp sketched out the vision of a community-based, mission oriented, outdoor adventure film festival that tied indie film with art and activism. Today, Jonny’s spirit lives on in a festival that has reached over 100,000 people with a World Tour traveling from Boulder to Bozeman, Israel to Chile, and many cities in between.

We're proud to host two unique events as part of the Adventure Film Festival, across two evenings, don't miss part 2 on December 6

Adventure Film Festival - November 27 (Part 1) Screenings: 

Run time: 22 min
Director: Henna Taylor

One of earth’s most distinctive landscapes, the Wadi Rum has been made famous for its cameos in films from Lawrence of Arabia to Star Wars and at the same time, its Bedouin history and tradition.  This film follows the longstanding dream of two Israeli climbers, and their local guide as they attempt to reintroduce this area as a climbing and eco-tourism paradise.

Run time: 4:30 min
Director/Producer: Krystle Wright

A short film that features the work of Krystle Wright as she explores the interface between passion/obsession, life/work, adventure/isolation- the blurred lines ubiquitous to adventure photography.

Run time: 14:19 min
Director: Michelle Smith
Producer: Michelle Smith, Ungrounded Jacques

Jacques “The Frenchy” Houot is an ageless wonder: when he’s not competing on the cyclocross circuit, he’s probably on his mountain bike, or his skis. But beyond his immortal athleticism, Jacques’ legacy is truly represented by his love of life, tales of survival, ability to counter aging with laughter, and his impact on the local community

Run time: 7:44 min
Director: Tim Kemple
Producer: Stevie Meier, Camp4 Collective

For the intrepid surfing communities around the shores of Lake Superior, the words of local Dan Schetter say it all: “It’s dangerous.  It’s not like some ocean clean, perfect wave you stand up and come out of.  There’s ice chunks falling on my head… It’s a race right now to beat it.  To get to the wave before the ice fills in.”

Run time: 3:00 min
Produced by: Paxson Woelber and Cale Green

First tracks are always the allure for those who partake in backcountry winter sports.  To the backcountry skating community, it is no different.  Filmed across Southern Alaska from ice caves to lakes with glacial vistas, “Wild Ice” showcases figure skaters, speed skaters, and hockey players in their native element.

Run time: 25:00 min
Director: Nate Dappen
Producer: Nate Dappen, Neil Losin

1974 was a year of legend for the Dappen family-constructing their own canoes, launching them from Washington, and becoming some of the first people to paddle the Inside Passage to Alaska. Not surprisingly, this adventure captured their son’s imaginations. In 2017, they sought to recreate that adventure- renovating those canoes, and completing their 1974 journey. The Passage is a story about the dreams of aging brothers, fathers and sons, and the wild places that can define entire families

Run time: 26:00 min
Director: Tucker Gragg, Austin Gardner
Producer: Blueline Media, Kevin Weaver

After losing his eyesight in a 1997, Lonnie Bedwell described his blindness as a wall that prevented him from living a full life, until he discovered kayaking—the door that opened back up the world for him. Later, he became the first blind kayaker to navigate the Grand Canyon in a solo kayak. Today, Lonnie spends his time engaging fellow blind paddlers in the spray and white foam of the Ohioplye and Yellowstone wilderness—leading them to that doorway, so that they too can create their own vision of the life ahead.