Adventure Film Festival Pt.2

Adventure Film Festival Pt.2


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December 6, 2018, is Part 2 of the Adventure Film Festival

Adventure Film Festival started in 2003 as a dream in the heart of the Himalayas...

In a tent during a storm, on a handful of scratch paper, the late Jonny Copp sketched out the vision of a community-based, mission oriented, outdoor adventure film festival that tied indie film with art and activism. Today, Jonny’s spirit lives on in a festival that has reached over 100,000 people with a World Tour traveling from Boulder to Bozeman, Israel to Chile, and many cities in between.

We're proud to host two unique events as part of the Adventure Film Festival, across two evenings, don't miss part 1 on November 27.

Adventure Film Festival - December 6 (Part 2) Screenings: 

Run time: 28:00 min
Director/Producer: Brendan Leonard

For Jayson Sime, mental resilience was ingrained from any early age as he coped with homelessness, poverty, a learning disability, and the bullying along with it.  From his career as a political organizer to his first trail ultramarathon, Jayson demonstrates that mental toughness is just as important as any other training you’ve logged.

Run time: 54:40 min
Director: Jim Aikman

Conrad Anker is one of the greatest and most notorious professional mountain climbers in history. But at 54, his career in the big mountains is winding down, especially after suffering a heart attack on a climb high in the Himalayas in 2016. His friend Alex Wildman is a novice big-wall climber and cardiac nurse who recently recovered from stage 4 lymphoma and intense chemotherapy. With new perspectives on life, both are eager to return to a life in the mountains. Together, they team up to support each other on returning to a longtime favorite: El Capitan, as they both seek to put their traumatic brushes with mortality behind them.

Run time: 24:00 min
Director: Cameron Maier
Producer: Matthew Hulet

Since a 100–foot fall that took his right leg and left him with spinal injuries in 2002, Colorado climber Craig DeMartino has been undeterred in his adventure pursuits, bagging lauded First Disabled and In-A-Day Ascents on El Capitan. But—it is his day-to-day life that should be making the headlines.

Run time: 8:31min
Director: Dominic Gill
Producer: Nadia Gill

Filmed in the hours after the devastating hurricanes of 2017, members of the Puerto Rico climbing community mobilized themselves.  Amateur climbers, quickly put their rope skills and outdoor skills to use: clearing trees, roads, and even solving “urban bouldering problems” amidst search and rescue operations.