Citizen Science

Join a real citizen science project. No lab coat needed.

The Environment Gallery at TELUS World of Science - Edmonton provides many opportunities to learn about the impact of citizen science projects.

Sign up with one of the projects listed below. The data you gather is studied by scientists and helps us learn more about the world around us – and sometimes even other ones.

Mastodon Matrix Project™

Sort through samples of fossil matrix from an ancient peat bog in New York to find pieces of bones, plants, rocks, and shells dating back thousands of years. The samples you uncover are sent back and analyzed by palaeontologists to see what the environment was like when mastodons roamed the Earth.


Send a tweet with the snow depth measurement at your location and #snowtweets to help researchers see if satellite data matches up to reports on the ground.


How do you know spring has sprung? When the flowers bloom! Record the flowering times for selected plant species and aid researchers studying how and why our environment is changing.

Project FeederWatch

Count the birds that visit your feeder during the winter and help scientists track the distribution and movements of winter bird populations.

Cyclone Center

Help climate scientists classify tropical cyclones by searching for patterns in storm imagery.

World Water Monitoring Challenge

Monitor a local body of water by doing some simple tests. See how important clean water is for an ecosystem.

Whale FM

Ever wonder what whales are saying when they sing? Listen and match these whale sounds to help marine researchers understand whale communication.

Planet Hunters

Search for planets outside of our solar system by looking at images from NASA’s Kepler spacecraft.


Play this puzzle to help map diseases in human DNA.

Be a Martian

Curious about our closest neighbor, Mars? Help NASA researchers map the surface of the red planet by analyzing images taken by the rovers Spirit and Opportunity.