Mission & Vision

Dare to Dream

There’s nothing quite like TELUS World of Science - Edmonton. Our Mission: Ignite curiosity. Inspire discovery. Celebrate science. Change lives.

In delivery of this mission, our priorities are:

  • To make opportunities to learn about science and technology accessible to everyone.
  • To inspire people to embrace science and technology as a vital component of their education and personal development..
  • To be a catalyst for partnerships and alliances that promote science and technology in our community.
  • To position the Edmonton Space & Science Foundation and TELUS World of Science - Edmonton as the primary external science and technology resource to the formal education systems.

Our Vision

The destination to engage Albertans' hearts and minds in science.

Mission Outcomes

The Edmonton Space & Science Foundation delivers programs and services that reflect the diverse and evolving interests of our community. Particular emphasis is given to making a positive difference in the lives of children, students, families, teachers, as well as employers and their employees. The Foundation strives for results that strengthen our community now and position it for future success.

The major community outcomes we wish to contribute to are:

  • Increasing science and technology literacy (awareness) throughout our community.
  • Increasing support for science and technology education.
  • Increasing students' academic performance in the science curriculum.
  • Increasing the number of individuals who pursue post-secondary education in science and technology related disciplines.

Guiding Principles

All of our services and activities are based on our belief in people's capacity to learn, inspire one another, and contribute to society. The following four essential commitments guide the Foundation in its development of services and programs:

  • We commit to lead the development of learning opportunities and synergistic partnerships that inspire and challenge people to recognize the importance of science and technology to their personal and professional lives.
  • We commit to deliver objective, high quality, hands-on, interactive programs that are relevant to people's various learning styles and needs.
  • We commit to providing science and technology exhibits and programs that effectively involve parents in the education of their children.
  • We commit to presenting balanced and diverse opinions on science and technology issues.