The Science Behind Pixar Exhibition Weekday Themed Activities

During the The Science Behind Pixar Exhibition we are putting on awesome and amazing special weekly activities.


  • Nov 1-5 Take Apart Electronics- Take apart electronics to explore the different types of components used to make them work. 
  • Nov 6-13 Robot Olympics- Program LEGO Mindstorms to take part in various games (e.g., bowling, hockey, obstacle courses) 
  • Nov 14-19 Space Plant Oddity - Explore how plants grow differently in different media.
  • Nov 20-30 Trash Planet - Use recyclables to build things you’d need to survive on “Trash Planet” Earth (like Wall-E does) e.g., water collector, shelter, air purifier

Enhance Your Experience

  • Put your skills to the test in the LEGO Robotics Lab