TWOSE Teacher Ambassador

We are no longer accepting applications for 2017/18.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Teacher Ambassador program, please contact Maura Armstrong, Manager of School Programs, at

About the TWOSE Teacher Ambassador Program:

We know who you are; you’re the one who can’t wait for science block, and who has stashes of science equipment tucked in every corner of your classroom...

Like all of us at TWOSE, you’re passionate about science education and you’re constantly looking for ways for you and your colleagues to bring science education to the next level. At TWOSE, we’re always looking for ways to improve our efforts as well, which is why we want someone like you to be the TWOSE Teacher Ambassador for your school!

Who is a TWOSE Teacher Ambassador?

As a TWOSE Teacher Ambassador, you will have an opportunity to talk to us directly about what you and your colleagues need from TWOSE field trips. Because 80,000 students visit our facility annually, creating this opportunity to communicate with local teachers is very important to us.

We will select one TWOSE Teacher Ambassador from each school in Edmonton to serve as a representative.

TWOSE Teacher Ambassador Perks:

  • The chance to communicate directly with TWOSE educators about what you’d love to see at TWOSE in the future and providing input to help make the science centre better.
  • Unique opportunities to work with TWOSE educators to help promote science! We love having students attend our special events, and as a TWOSE Teacher Ambassador your class will have a better chance of being selected to attend these events.
  • 2 x Science Centre Admission passes for each TWOSE Teacher Ambassador who attends the end-of-year party.
  • Exclusive access to seasonal bonuses and promotions (coupons, tickets, prizes). 

Exclusive events for TWOSE Teacher Ambassadors:

  • End-of-Summer Party: Okay, the end of summer may not make you want to celebrate, but let’s make the most of it! We'll treat you to samples of our programming at TWOSE. Come to the science centre to play, watch an IMAX, check out our newest installments and tell us what you’re looking for in a field trip. Our bookings staff will be available for you to reserve your field trip spot!
  • End-of-Year Party: You’ve made it through the year, so let's celebrate for real! Enjoy some popcorn and an IMAX film, visit our summer exhibition without the kids and, most importantly, tell us what you and your colleagues thought of your field trips this year. What did you enjoy most? What could we have done better? Help us make next year's field trips your best yet! 


  1. What if I switch to a new school next year?
    We understand that teacher assignments can vary. If your career takes you to new places, we’ll honour your position as a TWOSE Teacher Ambassador.