Weekly Themed Activities

During the The Science Behind Pixar Exhibition we are putting on awesome and amazing special weekly activities.


Live life in the fast-lane when you visit The Science Behind Pixar Exhibition at TELUS World of Science – Edmonton.  Go from Zero to FUN in five seconds this month, as you engineer roads, design cars and investigate force.

  • July 10-16 The Open RoadDesign a highway interchange that allows drivers to travel safely
  • July 17-23 Ramp RacersInvestigate gravity and friction by racing toy cars down textured surfaces
  • July 24-31 Design & Race a CarDesign and engineer a car propelled by energy stored in wound up rubber bands

Enhance Your Experience

  • Rolling Racers – build a car to race down The Science Garage Racing Ramp


Horsepower meets brainpower inside The Science Behind Pixar Exhibition at TELUS World of Science – Edmonton. August is all about good food, bad food and all the flavours and tastes in between! 

  • Aug 1-7 Supertasters RouletteTake our taste test challenge to identify the five basic tastes and find out if you are a supertaster
  • Aug 8-13 Taste Buds to the TestFind out the difference between flavour and taste
  • Aug 14-20 Molecular GastronomyExplore molecular gastronomy techniques as we look at the chemistry in our kitchens
  • Aug 21-31 Pickling & PutrefactionHow do we know when food has gone bad? How do we preserve food for storage?

Enhance Your Experience

  • Pasta Engineering in The Science Garage


Art and Science want to play! Get in on the action with a visit to The Science Behind Pixar Exhibition at TELUS World of Science – Edmonton. Awaken your creative side with hands-on crafts, like building a boat, and then put your intuitive problem-solving skills to the test. 

  • Sept 1-4 Float Your BoatDuring the long weekend, we’ll be making our own boats. Will yours float? Sink? Carry a whale?
  • Sept 9-17 Animal Rescue - Mock oil spill clean-up - absorb the oil and help clean a bird’s feathers. Learn about one of Alberta’s wetland animals - tiger salamanders
  • Sept 18-24 Marine AnimalsHow marine animals are adapted to their environments. Learn about sound waves and participate in an echolocation experiment
  • Sept 25-Oct 1 Oceans AliveAs humans, our actions have a big impact on the health of our oceans

Enhance Your Experience

  • Sponge Racers in The Science Garage
  • Touch Tank in the Syncrude Environment Gallery
  • Special ocean-themed presentations on Science on a Sphere