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Teacher Testimonials

  1. "It gave the students a familiar and less risky platform from which to discuss personal identity. They could clearly see through the examples what shapes people's identities." - Teacher from Brookside Elementary
  2. "It fit perfectly into our health curriculum." - Teacher from Brookside Elementary
  3. "It was very 21st Century Learning with both pictoral, photographic, digital and film media." - Teacher from Brookside Elementary
  4. "Highly recommend this. It was great for both my regular and special needs students." - Teacher from Brookside Elementary
  5. "Lots of great connections to our learning in science, language arts, and social." - Teacher from Bashaw School 
  6. "Unique, connected cross curriculum, highly engaging." - Teacher from Bashaw School 
  7. "Character development, how the characters changed over time, and the exhibit of creating a character works well for my curriculum." - Teacher from St. Francis Xavier High School 
  8. "I found the exhibit more educational and valuable to my class than I had originally anticipated." - Teacher from Hardisty Jr. High School 
  9. "Very well done. Impressive, most impressive. (Educators Resource Guide). " - Teacher from Hardisty Jr. High School 
  10. "I was very impressed with the depth of meaning in the exhibit."  - Teacher from Grand Trunk High School 
  11. "Wonderful! Fun! Creative and clever!"- Teacher from Grand Trunk High School
  12. "I made a comparison to the geography and climate of the planets in the exhibit to the geography and climate of Alberta." - Teacher from A. L. Horton Elementary 
  13. "It was a great intro in their new unit (Biological Diversity) and open up the conversation about heredity."  - Teacher from Winterburn Jr. High 
  14. "I also enjoyed the art and creativity in the exhibit. It was good to show the students how the ideas for the Star Wars Universe started and how ideas develop over time to become something as huge as the Star Wars Universe." - Teacher from Vegreville Composite High School 
  15. "I teach a high school special needs class and the experience of shaping identity and how the choices my students make impacts their identity is really important. We teach a lot of life skills in class and try to encourage the students to surround themselves with people that will create a positive future for themselves."  - Teacher from Vegreville Composite High School 
  16. "The kids really enjoyed it and I believe that they learned more about what goes into developing the identity of a character for a film." - Teacher from St. Alphonsus Jr. High 
  17. "It was an excellent fit for my film and drama students."  - Teacher from St. Alphonsus Jr. High 
  18. "It was so great to see how interactive it was. It really got the students involved in the exhibit." -  Teacher from Sturgeon Composite High School 
  19. "I would recommend this to teachers across the grades and curriculum." -Teacher from Ross Sheppard High School 
  20. "The exhibit itself fits very succinctly with the English Language Arts program of studies and fits very nicely with all of our outcomes. It's also very engaging for the students." - Teacher from Ross Sheppard High School 
  21. "Best exhibit I think I've been to at [TELUS World of Science] and the kids echoed this as well." -Teacher from Academy at King Edward