Year in Review

Edmonton opened the Queen Elizabeth Planetarium, the first public planetarium in Canada, in 1960. The Margaret Zeidler Star Theatre, the largest, most advanced planetarium in the country, replaced the planetarium 24 years later and grew into the signature experience at the new Edmonton Space Sciences Centre! We commenced work in 2017 on the Zeidler Dome, a cutting-edge theatre to keep Edmonton as a world leader in dome projection and planetarium learning...

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Our Mission

To create a positive science and technology culture in our region that inspires and motivates people to learn about, and contribute to, science and technology advances that strengthen themselves, their families, and their community.


To inspire voyages of life-long discovery.

Our Priorities

To make opportunities to learn about science and technology accessible to everyone.

To inspire people to embrace science and technology as a vital component of their education and personal development.

To be a catalyst for partnerships and alliances that promotes science and technology in our community.

To position The Edmonton Space & Science Foundation and TELUS World of Science – Edmonton as the primary external science and technology resource to the formal education systems


Annual attendance


Annual members


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Annual member households


# of Educational Program Participants


Rural Communities Served in Alberta


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Lead the Science Conversation

Many new initiatives were launched in 2017, which in addition to our existing programs, conspired to make TELUS World of Science - Edmonton the nexus where the public engages with science and local researchers to further science learning and conversation.





Weather balloon launch for International Science Centre and Science Museum day

Members and guests at the science centre wrote their names on streamers, that were then attached to the balloon's payload. The balloon reached the stratosphere with an altitude of over 20,000 meters and travelled approximately 150 kilometers. The balloon burst after 2 hours and 52 minutes and was retrieved just East of Viking, AB.



Research Zone

This science communication program for local researchers continues to be a success. Researchers or science professionals are given communication training and opportunities to engage with science centre visitors. They also develop hands-on, educational activities that can be used in a variety of educational settings. These researchers are then invited to return to the science centre to share their work with our guests a minimum of three times in the year.

Lab Quests

This is a new program that invites researchers to compile research on people by recruiting participants from within the science centre. Our participating guests have the opportunity to learn even more information about the study. One group used mathematical games to study how parents assist their children in learning mathematics. Another group, this one from the Speech Pathology Department at the University of Alberta, completed a longer one month project.

New Eyes on the Universe exhibit

We were pleased to host this travelling exhibit which features information about the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) and SNOLAB. This exhibit showcases the work of Canadian scientist and Nobel Prize winner, Arthur MacDonald.

Grant Programs

In 2017, we were the recipient of two NSERC PromoScience grants. One allowed The Science Garage to purchase a laser cutter and a 3D printer. The grant also funded 20 teenagers who worked in the maker space to create projects showcased to our guests in December. Another PromoScience grant allowed us to rent a portable Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). We made extensive use of this tool, showcasing it in drop-in programs and developing high school programs as well as Science in Motion school programs. Thus, allowing us to bring this authentic research tool to remote communities.

Also in November, we received $240,000 through a creative sentencing order of the Provincial Court of Alberta to develop an Air Quality Program. Our proposal is to develop a 10-hour curriculum unit for students, as well as a series of professional development opportunities for science teachers located in remote communities. This program will use Science in Motion to deliver the message throughout the province, and will be free of charge to teachers. It will reach over 245 teachers and more than 7,350 students and their families in three years. At the sentence hearing, the judge called the proposal to reach out to remote teachers “superb.”

Engage and Inspire our Audience

Here at the science centre our goal is always to ignite curiosity and inspire discovery. In 2017, we were able to do that for almost a half a million guests. It is a privilege to know that we make that kind of difference in so many people’s lives.

Guests were treated to fantastic feature exhibitions with giant sling shots and physics fun in Angry Birds Universe Exhibition. We then dove into the math and science in computer animation with The Science Behind Pixar Exhibition. In our IMAX® Theatre, we invited visitors to behold the secrets of a forgotten time with Mysteries of China and travel to the edge of a 300 foot tall glacier, and in the path of a deadly tornado in Extreme Weather.

We also developed some fantastic new educational programs and initiatives like TWOSE Tots for parents to experience the science centre in a unique, new way with their younger children. And The Science Garage Maker Club for teenagers to explore the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math through creating electronics and rocketry.

Our Education Department saw more than 75,000 students come through our doors to experience our galleries and participate in our programs. We welcomed nine schools for our Science School, Inquiring Minds program, now well into its second year. 2017 also marked our inaugural Coding Day, a day dedicated to computational thinking, coding, and digital literacy.

Plus, our award winning Science in Motion outreach team had another year full to the brim with trips all over Alberta, bringing science education to rural and remote places that don’t have the opportunity to visit us. One of the highlights of our year was the chance to develop a microscopy program with a Scanning Electron Microscope provided by NSERC. In 2017, we took a total of 94 trips, travelling approximately 35,862 kilometers.

Our Membership numbers continued to be strong in 2017. We saw the science centre’s largest ever one day ticket sales on Canada’s 150 birthday with 70 new Member households and 144 renewed Memberships. Plus, Members continued to enjoy unique events and programs like a special “Cardboard Challenge”, a Halloween trick or treat celebration and Christmas ornament festivities.

Practice Sustainable Financial Operations

Revenue & Expenditures
Auditor’s Report

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Build a Standout Facility for our Community

The Aurora Project is a $40 million multi-phased expansion and renovation of
TELUS World of Science – Edmonton that will see the facility transform almost every square meter of the public areas. Funding provided by the City of Edmonton and the Government of Canada through the Canadian Heritage Cultural Spaces Fund, will fund the $7.5 million phase 2 transformation of the Space Place Gallery and Margaret Zeidler Star Theatre. Demolition of both areas commenced in early September 2017 and construction and installation of new exhibits and technology followed and will continue to the opening of both areas in the summer of 2018. The entirely new S.P.A.C.E. (Stars, Planets, Astronauts, Comets, Etc) gallery will feature all new exhibits including an extraordinary and immersive journey telling the story of the moon rock. The Zeidler Dome will transform into the most highly technologically advanced Dome theatre in the world and will offer 10K resolution. The entire guest experience will be upgraded including new seating, and interactive queuing area, an enhanced theatre entrance and new immersive shows and programming.

Annual Donors and Sponsors

The Edmonton Space & Science Foundation gratefully acknowledges the support of the following individuals, foundations, corporations and public and private agencies that share our vision by supporting the Foundation and its programs.




Boardwalk Rental Communities

Edmonton (Host) Lions Club


Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)

The Co-operators


Canadian Association of Science Centres

Chandos Construction Ltd.

Coca-Cola Refreshments Canada

Edmonton Airports

Edmonton Economic Development Corporation

Servus Credit Union

Drs. Marilyn & Robert Westbury

Pat Whittaker


Brookfield Residential

Civic Service Union 52

Consulting Engineers of Alberta

Urban Systems Ltd.

The Valley Zoo Development Society


Dan Alfano

Steve & Tina Baker

Baytek Interiors Inc.

BioWare ULC

Darren Chivers

Donna Clare & James Talbot

Comanchero's Trucking & Contracting Ltd.

Diana de Sousa & Neil Burkard

Karin & Ron Dowling

Edmonton Catholic School District

Ferguson Corporation

Frank Florian and Family

Kara Flynn & Tom Maloney

Francesco Mannarino & Vivianne Boisvert

Dillan Huggins & Corey Norgren

Imran & Aneela Hussainaly

Dr. Kevin Keough

Don & Lorna Kramer

Robert Litchfield

Sebastian Lysz

Mark Anthony Group Inc.


Alan Nursall

Panago Pizza Store 180

Patricia & Nils Petersen

Annie Prud'homme-Généreux

Larry & Darlene Schindel

Carl H. Shields

Table Top Cafe

The Traveling Tickle Trunk

United Cycle

Dr. Terence Vankka

Western Pacific Enterprises

Pat Whittaker & Jo-Ann Pethybridge

Daryl & Julie Zelinski

Anonymous x 2


Mal Carroll

Keir Pearson

Rock Jungle Fitness

Dr. Linda Uniat

Darcia Wasarab-Rolland



Barbara Abday

ATCO Electric

Cathy Barton

Bessie Nichols School

Renee Bliss

The Brickwood Family

Morris Chirka

Christian & Yvonne Chow

Joseph & Marta Collier


Karin & Ron Dowling

Michelle Draper

Kelsey Dube

Ardith & Davis Edwards

Fort Pharmacy

Matthew & Tracy Green

Sam Guca

James Guloein

Alissa Hazelaar

Carole Henson

Tracie & Jordan Hokanson

J. D. Hole

Christian Idicula

David Jenkins

Heather & Wade Klimchuk

Bill Knight

Kaelyn Kowalchuk

James & Carol-Ann Lewis

Evan Lockwood

BJ & Jen Medos

Miller Thomson LLP

Elizabeth Nolin

Fred Otto

Ute & Jose Pastor

Dorothy Penrice

Ursula Phillips

Mirabelle Prémont-Schwarz

Deana Rolheiser

Loren Rolheiser

Royal Bank of Canada

David Salloum

Constance & Michael Scarlett

Pauline Schaaf

Rebecca Small

James Song

Ryan Sonnenberg

The Syme Family

In Memory of James Tangjerd

Merle & Neil Taylor

Vantix Systems Inc.

Paul Voyer

Peter Wardell

Andrew Weaver

Valeen Zureski

Anonymous x 9

PLEASE NOTE – Every effort has been made to ensure this listing of donors is accurate. Please accept our apologies if your name has been inadvertently omitted or listed incorrectly. Please notify The Edmonton Space & Science Foundation so that we may correct our records.

Aurora Project

Just as the Aurora Project focuses on scientific innovation from a Northern perspective, our donor circles reflect the astonishing sights visible in the Northern night sky.

The following donors pledged their support to the project in 2017.

Aurora Borealis ($1,000,000+)



Polaris ($500,000-$999,999)

Ursa Major ($100,000-$499,999)

E. (Ben) & Mary Hochhausen Family

Ursa Minor ($25,000-$99,999)

Alan Nursall & Jennifer Pink

Jackson & Tracy von der Ohe

The Family of Carole and Bart West

Draco ($10,000-$24,999)

Ken & Amy Bautista

Doug & Wendy Elkow

Lisa Miller & Farrel Shadlyn Q.C.

Cassiopeia ($1,000-$9,999)

Barbara & Robin Abday and Family

ATCO Electric

Steve Baker & Family

Carolyn Beeson

The Classen Family

Paul Deans, in Memory of Pat Price

Ron & Karin Dowling

Sithara Fernando

Greg & Heidi Hadubiak

Dillan Huggins & Corey Norgren

Christian Idicula and Salima Ebrahim

Heather & Wade Klimchuk

Sharon-Marie & Tim Mavko

Melton Foundation

Annie Prud'homme-Généreux

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Edmonton Centre

The Scarlett Family

Fia M. Stobbe

The Walls

Carole & Bart West



Cepheus (<$1,000)

Dan Alfano

Jennifer Buckley

Charles Burnett

Alexandra Hatcher

Joan and Douglas Hube

Donalda & Dan Pelton

Rebecca Small

Gordon Smith

Don & Sandra Sprague

Tomalik Family



Funds & Endowments


A unique fund-raising program where the public is invited to designate stars valued from $50 to $15,000 to support the programs and operations of TELUS World of Science.

Stars Designated = 302
Total Donations = $36,745


Fund Value = $94,629
The VEGA Scholarship Program was established in 1987 through the generous support of Helen Tkachenko. This fund sponsors elementary school-aged children to attend a Summer Science Camp.

In 2017, 14 children received funds to attend camps.


Fund Value = $26,665
In 1999 The Edmonton Space & Science Foundation established the Les Young Fund for Science Education. It was dedicated as a permanent fund legacy in memory of his outstanding dedication and leadership. The fund provides opportunities for the development of unique and innovative programs to inspire, motivate and challenge students.


Fund Value = $11,731
This fund was established in 2015 by John and Avery Stobbe. The revenues will be used in the ongoing operations and programming at TELUS World of Science.

Feature Exhibition Local Supporting Sponsor

Boardwalk Rental Communities


IMAX® Local Presenting Sponsors


Edmonton Airports
Edmonton Economic Development



The Co-operators



Brookfield Residential




United Cycle



Rock Jungle Fitness






School Programs to June 30, 2017

Shell Canada


School Programs from September 1, 2017

Syncrude Canada Ltd.


Edmonton Host Lions Club Science Discovery Program

Edmonton (Host) Lions Club


CEA Dream Big School Program

Consulting Engineers of Alberta


Dream Big Kitaskinaw School Program

Urban Systems Ltd.


Science in Motion

Cenovus Energy, Dow Canada, TD Bank Group


Free IMAX Movie Night

Servus Credit Union


Dark Matters

Big Rock Brewery
BioWare ULC
Table Top Café
The Traveling Tickle Trunk


First Tech Challenge Robotics Team



Brightest Minds: Mark Pollock

Civic Service Union 52
Baytek Interiors Inc.
Empire Mechanical Contractors Inc.
Ferguson Corporation
Western Pacific Enterprises



2017 Board of Directors

Kara Flynn, Board Chair
Sharilee Fossum, Vice Chair & Treasurer
Jordan Hokanson, Past Chair
Liza Wold, Secretary
Lisa Austin
Geoff de Bruijn
Jason Ding
Richard Hughes
Aneela Hussainaly
Jennifer Kwan
Frank Mannarino
Jonathan Schaeffer
Larry Schindel
Keith Shillington
Wanda Whitford

2017 Executive Team

Alan Nursall, President & CEO
Steve Baker, Chief Operating Officer
Karin Dowling, Vice President, Business Services
Scott Henderson, Vice President, Finance
Ursula Phillips, Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Annie Prud'homme-Généreux, Vice President, Science
Cathy Barton, Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

Council of Govenors

Sol Rolingher, Chair
Kara Flynn, Ex-officio
Kerry Day
Luther Haave
Jordan Hokanson
J.D. Hole
Dr. Douglas Hube
David Lewin
Franklin Loehde
Sandy Slator
Gord Syme
Merle Taylor
Jackson von der Ohe

Finance & Audit Committee

Sharilee Fossum, Chair
Lisa Austin
Jason Ding
Kara Flynn, Ex-officio
Jennifer Kwan

Governance Committee

Liza Wold, Chair
Kara Flynn, Ex-officio
Richard Hughes
Aneela Hussainaly
Jordan Hokanson
Larry Schindel

Aurora Project Committee

Frank Mannrino, Chair
Kara Flynn, Ex-officio
Jonathan Schaeffer
Keith Shillington
Wanda Whitford

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors would like to recognize the following 2017 retiring board members

Geoff de Bruijn
Mark Flint
Darin Rayburn

2017 Edmonton Space & Science Foundation

  • Lynn Adams
  • Mohamed Ally
  • Jane Batty
  • Ken Bautista
  • Sue Bohaichuk
  • Tim Boston
  • Rick Brommeland
  • William Byrne
  • Michael Carew
  • Joan Carr
  • Josh Classen
  • Joan Cowling
  • Emerson Csorba
  • Kerry Day
  • Robert de Guzman
  • Karyn Decore
  • Andrew Ference
  • Frank Gibson
  • Luther Haave
  • Greg Hadubiak
  • Ryan Heit
  • Denise Hemmings
  • Ben Hochhausen
  • J. D. Hole
  • Douglas Hube
  • Christian Idicula
  • Barry James
  • Khushaal Kalra
  • Kevin Keough
  • Donald Kramer
  • Franklin Loehde
  • Rod Mc Connell
  • Bruce McCurdy
  • John McDougall
  • Lisa Miller
  • Reg Milley
  • Stephanie Minnema
  • Sharon Morsink
  • Eric Newell
  • Ken Nichols
  • Ubaka Ogbogu
  • Myka Osinchuk
  • Slader Oviatt
  • Nils Petersen
  • Ken Pilip
  • Rick Prentice
  • Sol Rolingher Q.C.
  • David Salloum
  • Michael Sharp
  • Sandy Slator
  • Bill Stephens
  • Heather Stewart
  • John Stobbe
  • Gord Syme
  • Gregory Taylor
  • Merle Taylor
  • Jackson von der Ohe
  • Larry Wang
  • Robert Westbury
  • Pat Whittaker
  • Karen Wichuk


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