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That's a Wrap! Now, Let's have a Blast!

Celebrate the end of the school year with your students at TELUS World of Science - Edmonton!

  • Treat your class to a giant-screen adventure in IMAX AND an out-of-this world experience under the Zeidler Dome. Choose from our library of educational IMAX films AND Zeidler Dome shows (see below).
  • Explore the science centre together, as you command a lunar lander, observe patterns in nature, hear your own heartbeat, traverse a rock-climbing wall, and so much more!
  • Your party also includes lunch (pop or water and a choice of personal cheese or pepperoni pizza) at the Purple Pear.

End-of-Year Pizza Parties are available for May and June 2022.

To book your End-of-Year Pizza Party call the Bookings Office at 780-451-3344.


  • $24.75 per participant


Educational Zeidler Dome Shows**:

  • Aurorae
  • Cell! Cell! Cell!
  • Dawn of the Space Age
  • Distant Worlds Alien Life
  • Explore the Universe (a live presented sky show that takes us on a journey from our backyards to the ends of the observable Universe)
  • Extreme Planets
  • Forward to the Moon (coming Spring 2022)
  • From the Earth to the Universe
  • In My Backyard (recommended for pre-school to grade one only)
  • Legends of the Northern Sky
  • One World, One Sky: Big Bird's Adventure (recommended for pre-school to grade one only)
  • Polar Night
  • Secrets of the Cardboard Rocket (recommended for pre-school to grade six only)
  • Tales of the Maya Skies
  • The Dark Matter Mystery
  • The Sky Tonight (a live presented sky show that explores the planets, stars, constellations, and other astronomical objects seen in our night sky)
  • Two Small Pieces of Glass
  • We Are Stars

Laser Music Shows**:

  • Laser AC/DC
  • Laser Beyonce
  • Laser Daft Punk
  • Laser David Bowie
  • Laser Elton John
  • Laser Foo Fighters
  • Laser Halloween Spooktacular
  • Laser Holiday Magic (Christmas)
  • Laser Lady Gaga
  • Laser Led Zeppelin: Lased and Confused
  • Laser Led Zeppelin: Laser Zeppelin
  • Laser Led Zeppelin: Whole Lotta Led
  • Laser MGMT
  • Laser Michael Jackson
  • Laser Nutcracker (Christmas)
  • Laser Outkast
  • Laser Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon
  • Laser Pink Floyd: The Wall
  • Laser Pink Floyd: The Vision Bell
  • Laser Pink Floyd: Welcome to the Machine
  • Laser Queen
  • Laser Radiohead
  • Laser Rolling Stones
  • Laser Rush
  • Laser Stranger Things ('80's music with a tie-in to the Stranger Things TV show)
  • Laser Symphony of the Stars (music from Disney, Star Wars, etc.)
  • That '90's Laser Show (music from the 1990's)
  • Laser Tool
  • Laser U2

Educational IMAX® Films:

*All prices +GST

**Please note: food & drinks are not permitted inside the Zeidler Dome. Please enjoy your food and drinks prior to your show in the Purple Pear restaurant.