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Tips for a Successful School Program

Planning on attending a school program at TELUS World of Science - Edmonton?

Checkout the Educators Page for school programs!


  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of your program to allow time to hang up coats and meet your science instructor.
  • Please leave backpacks at school as storage space is severely limited. We recommend only bringing what is necessary – coats and lunches. (TIP: tote bins are a great way to transport lunch bags and keep them all together)
  • Divide your students into groups assigned to chaperones before you arrive. Make sure that students and chaperones know their assigned groups.
  • Chaperones must actively supervise students at all times, including in exhibit galleries, at lunch time, and in the gift shop. We request that students handle all exhibits and learning materials in a respectful manner. Any damage incurred from misuse will be the responsibility of the school.
  • Your science instructor will greet you in the lobby and direct you to your program. If you have other concerns during your visit, please ask one of our friendly staff (TIP: they wear purple).
  • For programs taking place in the Learning Centers, Science Lab, S.P.A.C.E gallery or Robotics Lab, our science instructors will meet you at the rainbow wall between Curioscity and the S.P.A.C.E gallery on the 2nd level.
  • For programs taking place in Science Garage*, Health Zone or Feature Exhibit Gallery (all located on main floor), the science instructor will meet you at the entrance of The Arctic Gallery.
  • If you book a lunch time, you will be assigned a location to eat. Groups are asked to limit their lunch time to 20 -25 minutes to allow for cleaning between groups.
  • Final payment (if applicable) can be made at the Box Office.
  • Planning to stop at the Galaxy Gift Shop? Small groups will be permitted access with one (1) chaperone for every six (6) students. 18 students maximum are permitted in the gift shop at one time.

*For programs taking place in the Science Garage, our science instructors will be equipped with a microphone and sound system. The Science Garage is a hands-on gallery and noise levels can be higher than other areas of the building. If you have students with sensitivity to noisy environments, please speak with bookings staff prior to booking programming in the Science Garage. Sensory backpacks are available for free at the Box Office.



  • Familiarize yourself with any supplies you need to prepare in advance of your program. This information can be found on the program description online and attached to the confirmation letter.
  • Note that some programs require students to have individual devices to connect to the virtual meeting.

Technical Requirements:

  • Most programs require a computer and webcam, but some require students to have devices. This information can be found on the program description online and will be attached to the confirmation letter.
  • Test the connection and troubleshoot any technical issues before your program. We require you to schedule a Pre-Session Connection Test with your science instructor at least one day prior to your program date.
  • If a Pre-Session Connection Test is not completed prior to the program date, TELUS World of Science - Edmonton will not be responsible for re-booking a program due to connection or technical issues during the program.


  • Make sure you have provided the correct contact email for whom the program is booked. We will send the virtual program link to that email address.

Program Link:

  • Watch your email for the meeting link and communication from your science instructor, which will come approximately 1 week prior to your program.

Day of Program:

  • Plan to log in with your program link 10 minutes prior to the start of your program. Allow adequate time to check the internet connection and troubleshoot any technology issues.