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Booking Policies

Please review all the policies and details before booking.

Fees & Payment

  • The amount owing is shown on your booking confirmation.
  • Upon confirmation of dates, payment is due in full within 5 business days to secure the date(s).
  • Payment can be made by cheque, Visa, MasterCard, or direct deposit.
  • Cheques made payable to: Edmonton Space & Science Foundation. Please write your booking confirmation number on your cheques.
  • Visa or MasterCard payments can be phoned in to our Bookings Office at 780-451-3344. Contact our Bookings Team for direct deposit information.

Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy

  • A secured booking is only cancelled with the teacher’s written request by email to bookings@twose.ca.
  • Bookings cancelled with 3 weeks’ notice or more will be refunded in full, less a $10.00 administration fee per program or per programming day (Edmonton Outreach).
  • Bookings cancelled with less than 3 weeks’ notice will forfeit the full payment.
  • If a school must cancel due to unforeseen circumstances (ie. COVID-19 outbreak, school closure):
    • Bookings can be rescheduled to a future date during the school year.
    • If the booking is not rescheduled, the booking will be refunded in full, less $10.00 administration fee.

Program Fees

  • Program fees are as published and are subject to change without notice.
  • No passes, coupons or discounts are accepted with school group bookings.
  • TELUS World of Science - Edmonton's Membership rates are not valid on school program field trips.

Virtual Program Bookings

Confirmation letter:

Once you’ve made a booking, you will receive a confirmation letter. Please read through your confirmation and check the following:

  • Date: Make sure it’s correct and that the schedule works for you.
  • Supplies: Familiarize yourself with any supplies you need to prepare in advance of your program. This information can be found on the program description online and will be attached to the confirmation letter.
  • Technical Requirements: Most programs only require a computer and webcam, but some require students to have devices. This information can be found on the program description online and will be attached to the confirmation letter. In order to test the connection and troubleshoot any technical issues before your program, we require you to schedule a Pre-Session Connection Test with your instructor at least one day prior to your program date. If a Pre-Session Connection Test is not completed prior to the program date, TELUS World of Science - Edmonton will not be responsible for re-booking a program due to connection or technical issues during the program.
  • Email: Make sure you’ve provided the correct contact email for whom the program is booked. We will send the program link to that email address.
  • You will find your total program cost in the booking confirmation letter. Please pay your fees in full within 5 business days of making your booking.
  • Watch your email for the meeting link and communication from your instructor, which will come at least 1 week prior to your program.

Day of Program:

  • Plan to login with your program link no later than 10-minutes prior to the start of your Virtual Program, in order to allow adequate time to check internet connection and troubleshoot any technology issues.

Late Login:

  • Late login for Virtual Programs will result in parts of the program being omitted.
  • If you know that you will be late due to technical difficulties or have other extenuating circumstances, contact our Bookings Team at 780-451-3344. We will do our best to accommodate your group.

Virtual Program Group Size:

  • In order to ensure the quality of the Virtual Program experience, the maximum number of students permitted is 30. If your group exceeds the student limit, groups will be required to book additional programs.
  • To ensure a high-quality program, we recommend that all students participating in a program be within the Grade or Grade-range specified for the program.

Our policies help ensure a safe, fair and affordable experience for everyone.