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Field Trip Policies

Please review all the policies and details before booking.

Confirmation of Your Booking

  • Teachers will be sent a confirmation upon booking. Please review your confirmation to ensure all the details are correct. It is the teacher’s responsibility to contact us immediately if there is a concern.
  • If you no longer want your field trip date, please email our booking department. (see Cancellation Policy Below)
  • A booking is not considered confirmed until the 50% deposit is paid, within 7 business days.
  • Final numbers are required 14 calendar days (2 weeks) in advance of your field trip to confirm your booking.
  • Failure to provide updated attendance 2 weeks prior to your field trip date will result in the full amount for the original numbers booked to be charged.
  • As programming space is limited an additional 3 students may be added on day of field trip. Schools will receive the updated invoices at the end of the day.
  • Teachers are required to check-in at the Box Office.
  • Balance can be paid in the form of school/division cheque, credit card, or be invoiced to the school.

Deposit Policy

  • To hold your field trip spots, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required within 7 business days of making your booking. Please contact our booking agents to make your deposit either at the time of booking or within the 7 business days.
  • If your deposit is not received within the 7 business days, your booking may be cancelled.
  • Payment can be made by credit card, direct deposit, or school cheque, payable to: Edmonton Space & Science Foundation.For Direct Deposits and Cheques, please contact our bookings department at bookings@twose.ca with an ETA for payment.
  • A field trip is only cancelled with the teacher’s written request by email to bookings@twose.ca.
  • TELUS World of Science - Edmonton is a popular field trip destination and the school programs are often at capacity. The deposit ensures fairness for schools and allows us to keep your costs down.

Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy

  • Unsecured bookings will be cancelled if a deposit has not been made within 7 days of booking creation.
  • A secured booking is only cancelled with the teacher's written request by email to bookings@twose.
  • Bookings cancelled with MORE than 30 days notice will not be charged a cancellation fee. Paid deposit can be transferred to the new booking or refunded to the school.
  • Bookings cancelled with LESS than 30 calendar days' notice, will forfeit the deposit and a new deposit will be required for a new booking.
  • Bookings cancelled with LESS than 1 week's (7 calendar days) notice will be charged the full program fess.
  • If a school has to cancel for inclement weather conditions:

a) If the booking is rescheduled during the same school year then the deposit will be transferred to the new booking.

b) If the booking is not rescheduled then the deposit is forfeited.

School Group Admission Policy

  • A group of students and their supervisors shall be considered a school group if they are participating in a field trip organized through: (1) An institution accredited by Alberta Education (or equivalent from another province or country); (2) An organization licensed by Alberta Social Services for supervised child care, (3) Home schooling.
  • All participants must be included on one booking, paid for as a single group, and must check in as a group on the day of the field trip. Chaperones wishing to attend separately from the group and/or to pay their own admission individually will be charged full public rates.

Science Program Group Size

In order to ensure program quality, the maximum number of students permitted in a program will be dependent on the type of program. Refer to specific programs for maximum numbers. If your group exceeds the student limit, groups will be required to book additional programs and/or spaces.

To ensure a high-quality program, we recommend that all students participating in a program be within the grade advertised for the program.

School Group Supervision Policy:

All school groups require adult supervision during their field trip.

Adult supervisors are admitted to programs based on these ratios:

  • Grades Pre-school to Grade 6 - one (1) adult per 5 students
  • Grades 7 to 12 -one (1) adult per 10 students

Additional adults and participants will not be able to stay with the group during the program.

  • Teachers and chaperones are admitted free for Building Admission, programs and planetarium shows and feature exhibition, within the recommended adult supervision ratios listed above.
  • Any teachers or adults over the recommended ratio will be charged the over-the-ratio admission rate. All teachers or adults are charged school rates for IMAX films.
  • Please actively supervise your students, including in the exhibit galleries, theatres, Gift Shop and restaurant, to ensure the best and safest experience for all our guests.
  • School visitors are requested to handle all exhibits and learning materials in a respectful manner. Any damages incurred from misuse will be the responsibility of the school.
  • Depending on bookings, some exhibit galleries may not be available throughout the day.

School Group Admission Fees

  • School group admission fees are as published and are subject to change without notice.
  • No passes, coupons or discounts are accepted with school group bookings.
  • TELUS World of Science - Edmonton's Membership rates are not valid on school program field trips.

Day of Field Trip

  • Plan to arrive no later than 15-minutes prior to the start of your first booked program in order to allow adequate time to store coats and lunches (no backpacks please) and to get your class to the first program location.
  • Teachers must check-in at the Box Office to provide updated numbers and payment.
  • Our Guest Relations staff will greet you in the lobby and direct you to your program.
  • Due to limited storage space, please leave backpacks at school.
  • We provide a first-come first-served common lunch area. Please be courteous of others and eat as a group. Groups are asked to limit their lunch time to 30 minutes.

Late Arrival

  • Late arrival for science programs will result in parts of the program being omitted.
  • Late arrivals for IMAX and Zeidler Dome shows will not be allowed entry once the show has started.
  • If a school is late, all items on the booking are still the responsibility of that school.
  • If you know that you will be arriving late on the day of your field trip, contact our Bookings Department at 780-451-3344. We will do our best to try and accommodate your group.

Our policies help ensure a safe, fair and affordable experience for everyone.

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