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Coding School

THINK BIG – come up with a Big Idea (or theme) that integrates coding, technology, and/or project design for your class. Then see your class’s ideas come to life through 15 hours of virtual instruction with the NCA team.

Applications for the 2023-2024 School Year are now CLOSED


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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about Northern Coding Academy.

1. Who can apply?

This program is open to certified teachers working at high needs urban schools, rural schools, and schools in the Yukon, NWT, and Nunavut in 2023-2024. See Requirement Document

2. How do I apply?

To apply, submit a short summary on why you want to explore digital skills and incorporate coding into your 2023-2024 school year. A letter of recommendation from your administration is required. Click here for the application.

3. What is the cost?

There is no cost to participate in Coding School.

4. Can I apply for Coding School simultaneously with other NCA programs?

Yes! You can apply for this program simultaneously with other Northern Coding Academy programs like the Northern Coding Academy Teacher Symposium.

5. What is the ideal pacing for Coding School? How far apart should I schedule my sessions?

1-2 sessions per week is great. Most students do better with time between sessions to process the information.