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Digital Skills Week: Game On!

Recommended for: Grades 4-6

How do we create video games? What’s code got to do with it? Students will learn how computational thinking helps us design games—both online and unplugged—then create a game of their own using MakeCode Arcade!

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Best Curriculum Fit

Grade 4

  • [Science – Computer Science] How can design meet needs?

Grade 5

  • [Science – Computer Science] In what ways can design be used to help achieve desired outcomes or purposes?
  • [Math – Coordinate Geometry] Relate location to position on a grid.

Grade 6

  • [Science – Computer Science] In what ways are abstraction, design, and coding related?
  • [Math – Coordinate Geometry] Explain location and movement in relation to position in the Cartesian plane.
  • [Math – Number] Investigate magnitude with positive and negative numbers.

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