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Frequently Asked Questions


Find answers to frequently asked questions about our programs outside of Edmonton here.

1. Do you offer in-person programs?

Yes, the SIM Team is travelling to schools again, subject to AHS guidelines. We have all of our programming available once again including our new Robotics and Mobile Planetarium programming. To request a date, fill out the SIM Programming Request Form.

2. How many students can participate in each program type?

  • For our classroom programs we allow 30 students per class.
  • For in-person Assembly Presentations, we allow a maximum of 250 students.
  • Our Mobile Planetarium programming can accommodate a maximum of 30 students, however we recommend fewer with older students.

3. What is the process for booking an in-person SIM visit to my school?

  • As soon as you know you’d like the SIM team to visit your school, fill out the SIM Programming Request Form. This form will ask for dates and times that you’d like us to visit.
  • Once we have received several request forms, we start scheduling our travelling weeks, taking into account school locations and preferred times for the visit. When we have your week scheduled, we’ll contact you to let you know when we’re coming.
  • At that time, we’ll send you a final confirmation letter and invoice. We’ll get in touch the week before our visit to check in and make sure you’re ready for us!

4. When do I have to pay for my booking?

  • You need to pay your booking fees in full within 10 days of receiving your confirmation letter.
  • Payment can be made by accessing a secure payment link, Visa or Mastercard, Direct Deposit or cheque.
  • If you have questions about your payment, please contact the Bookings office at 780-451-3344

5. What is your cancelation policy?

  • A booking can only be canceled by emailing our Bookings department at bookings@twose.ca.
  • You can cancel a virtual program with no penalty by giving us 3 weeks’ notice or more. If you cancel with less than 3 weeks’ notice, the full program fee will be charged.
  • You can cancel your in-person SIM visit by giving us 3 weeks’ notice or more. Your booking will be refunded less an Administration Fee of $10 per program on your booking. If you cancel with less than three weeks’ notice, the full program fee will be charged for all programs on your booking.
  • If a school must cancel due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e., COVID-19 outbreak, school closure):
    • Bookings can be rescheduled to a future date during the school year.
    • If the booking is not rescheduled, the booking will be refunded in full, less the $10.00 administration fee.

6. What can I expect when the SIM team visits my school in person?

  • We’ll arrive 45-60 minutes before the first program of the day. One adult is required to meet us when we arrive so that we can access the room(s) where we’re presenting our programs and get set up.
  • The room(s) you provide for us needs to be reserved for our programs for the hour before the first program all the way to the hour after the last program of the day. Because we’re bringing a lot of program supplies with us (some that require special handling), we can’t have any other programs or classes in the room throughout the day.

7. Do you offer virtual programs?

Yes, we offer standalone Virtual School Programs, taught by our skilled educators remotely to your class.

8. How far in advance do I need to book a virtual program? How far in advance do I need to book an in-person program?

Virtual programs need to be booked four (4) weeks in advance.

Our In-person programs begin booking in the Spring of the previous school year and our schedule fills quickly.

9. What can I do to ensure that Science in Motion can visit my school?

Science in Motion endeavours to fulfill every request it receives but some scheduling restraints can make it difficult to reach every school.

Booking full days of our programs (2 instructors) or a full week (2 instructors, 3 days of programming each) will make it more likely that our team is able to reach your school. If those are not options, we recommend encouraging nearby schools (within approximately 45 minutes of driving distance) to also book programs so that we can fill our schedule in your area.

10. I still have questions after reviewing this FAQ and your Booking Policies. Who do I contact?

  • For specific questions about SIM programming, call the SIM office at 780-452-9100 ext. 2250 or by email at sim@twose.ca.
  • For booking questions, contact the Bookings Office at 780-451-3344 or via email at bookings@twose.ca.
    • Bookings Office hours: Monday to Friday - 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.; Closed Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays.