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SIM Program Fees

SIM Program Fees

School Visit Fees:

  • A school visit day consists of 3 assemblies.
  • Schools with an Indigenous student population of 50% or more may be eligible for additional discounts on our regular presentation fees. Please call our Bookings Office at 780-451-3344 for more information.
  • Invisible Waste: Air Qualilty PD sessions – FREE. This professional development session has been adapted for virtual delivery. Contact Andrea Brickwood for available sessions for your teachers. There is no charge for the Invisible Waste session.

Assembly Presentations (GST exempt)

  • $400.00 for 3 x 45-minute assemblies.
  • Travel surcharge = $225.00 per day of travel (includes GST

Traveling Nature Exchange (TNE)

Each TNE booking includes:

  • One full day of Trading for the school and community

Each TNE programming day includes:

  • 3 TNE Programs can be booked with either 3 or 6 classes participating.
  • 3-Day TNE Package includes:
    • 2 Days of TNE programming
    • 1 Day of Trading.
    • Cost: $600.00 (includes travel surcharge)
  • 3-Day TNE + SIM Assembly Combo includes:
    • 1 Day of SIM Assemblies
    • 1 Day of TNE Programming
    • 1 Day of Trading
    • Cost: $1025.00 (includes travel surcharge)

Group Size (GST exempt)

  • Due to Alberta Public Health and Safety Guidelines, the maximum number of students in an assembly presentation should not exceed one cohort of students. If the school is not using a cohort system, the maximum number of students should not exceed 50 per assembly and students should be physically distanced from each other and from the presenter.