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Virtual School Programs

TELUS World of Science – Edmonton's Virtual School Programs are filling the gaps as Alberta educators find safe ways to enrich science education this winter. Read on to learn a little more about our virtual programs and which best suit the needs of your students. All in-person programs will be able to be booked again after April 4th.

Introducing Science Snapshots

In Science Snapshots, students will engage in 2 days of 45-minutes of virtual programming demonstrations, facilitated by the TELUS World of Science team.

Sliding down to sub-zero temperatures, your students will explore snow and ice, melting and freezing, and learn how solids, liquids and gases are affected by extremely cold substances such as dry ice and liquid nitrogen. Embrace Alberta's winter with both outdoor and indoor student challenges for all elementary grade levels.

This virtual platform gives us the ability to engage with your entire school; with a K-6 reach, you can invite as many classes from your school as you like, with no additional fees! Have your students celebrate science and winter by bringing our science presenters to you virtually for two exciting days.

Available Virtual School Programs

For pricing information, please review the
Program Fees webpage.

Grade K-1

Sensational Senses (One 45-min live program)

Grade K-3

Surviving the Seasons (One 45-min live program)

Grade 2

Exploring Liquids (One 45-min live program)

Grade 3, 7 & 9

Journey of Global Soundscapes (One 45-min Live Program)

Grade 3

Minerals Rock (One 45-minute Live Program)

Grade 4

Light and optics (one 45-minute live program)

Grade 5

Electric Car Garage (Pre-Recorded tutorial program)

Chem Squad (A series of 2 x 45 minute live sessions)

WEATHER revealed (One 45-min live program)

Grade 6

Into the Night Sky (One 45-min live session)

Forensics Lab (A series of 2 x 45 minute live sessions)

Come Fly with ME (Pre-Recorded tutorial program)

Grade 9

Into the Night Sky (One 30-min Live Program)

IMAX films available for rental

Enhance your virtual learning experience with an IMAX Documentary Film (for grades 1 to 9) available to rent as a video on demand.

Your students will enjoy watching an awesome documentary film from the comfort of your classroom.

We’ve Got Your Curriculum Goals Covered

Whatever your curriculum goals this spring, we’ve got something for every classroom. TELUS World of Science – Edmonton Education Specialists have joined classes virtually all across the province, including Drayton Valley, Edmonton, Edson, Fairview, Fort Assiniboine, Fort McMurray, Fox Creek, High Level, Lacombe, Leduc, Lethbridge, Manville, Medicine Hat, Red Deer, Smoky Lake, St. Paul, and even Lashburn, Saskatchewan!


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If you have any questions, call the Bookings Office at
780-451-3344, between Monday and Friday 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m

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We’re Here to Support You!

We know this year has been different for everyone and we’re so happy we’ve been able to connect with teachers and students, despite the many challenges we’re all facing these days. If you have any questions about any of the new Virtual School Programs or if you have any suggestions or feedback on the programs we’re currently offering, or other programs you’d like to see, please reach out to Maura Armstrong, Director of Education, at We really are behind you 100%. We’re all in this together.