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Nesting Birds of the World

Nesting Birds of the World is an edukit developed by TELUS World of Science Edmonton’s 2020 Science Fellow, Dr. Lauren Guillette, and her team at the University of Alberta’s Animal Cognition Research Group.

The Nesting Birds of the World lesson explores birds, the nests they build, and how they build those nests.

Special Opportunity: Your Class Can Interact with the Researchers!

Dr. Lauren and her team are eager to interact with Alberta students via Padlet. This free web-based platform will allow your class to ask questions, post photos of their creations, and even share stories of the bird nests they find while outdoors.

Inside the Edukit: The kit includes lesson plans, activity plans (hands-on and ready-to-print), presentation slides, and teacher resources.

Designed to support Alberta’s Grade 1 science curriculum:

Topic C: building things

Topic E: needs of animals and plants

For more information:

Visit the Nesting Birds of the World webpage

Download the material here

Does your class have questions or want to share their creations? Interact with the researchers on Padlet

Extend the lesson with stories recommended by the research team