Classroom Presentations - Grade 1

Classroom presentations are 1 hour unless indicated.
Maximum of 30 students per presentation.

All classroom presentations require 2 tables, a garbage bin, electrical outlet and access to water. Nametags are required for all students. 

Additional adult helpers are always welcome! 

Bubble Bubble

  • Creating Colour
  • Building Things
  • Math - Geometry

Can you make a cube-shaped bubble? Student 'bubbleologists' investigate the secrets of bubbles. Using a variety of tools, they will explore the shapes and colours of bubbles and challenge themselves to blow bubbles of exactly the right size to create bubble pictures.

Build It 

  • Building Things

Help the 3 little pigs escape the wolf with three building challenges. Your students will build a house, tower, and a creature using a variety of creative materials. Student models will be tested in our custom designed testing area.

Cold Adapters

  • Seasonal Changes
  • Needs of Animals and Plants

How do polar bears stay warm in the cold Arctic climate? Students discover some heat keeping secrets and investigate how different animals react to changes in temperature. We also make a tasty cool treat using liquid nitrogen. 

Allergy Alert: Ice cream - homogenized milk, whipping cream, sugar, vanilla extract, ice cream cones.

Additional requirements: a white surface or projection screen. 

Colour Light

  • Creating Colour

What is colour and how do we see it? Students discover the spectrum that makes up white light and experiment with colour mixing and separation.

Additional requirements: a room that can be darkened and a white surface or projection screen. 

Sensational Senses

  • Senses

Our five senses give us the ability to interpret and interact with the world around us. Students will tickle each sense through a variety of experiments including learning the first letter of their name in Braille, listening to a wordless story, and using their nose to identify common scents! 

Allergy Alert: Jelly Belly® jelly beans do not contain nuts. However, they are produced in a plant that processes peanuts which may be a concern for those with severe allergies. Jelly Belly's do not contain gelatin, but do have beeswax. 

Additional requirements: a white surface or projection screen.