Classroom Presentations - Grade 2

Classroom presentation are 1 hour unless indicated.
Maximum of 30 students per presentation.

Boats and Floats

  • Buoyancy and Boats

What floats and what sinks? You may be surprised! Students will help Captain Clancy Buoyancy save his treasure by building a sturdy and stable boat. Learn the basics of buoyancy and density through hands-on activities and demonstrations.

Splish Splash

  • Exploring Liquids

Get your students' feet wet in a program all about liquids. Race different kinds of liquids, compare liquid densities, and investigate the water cycle. This presentation will quench your students' thirst for knowledge.

Sub Zero

  • Hot and Cold Temperature

What keeps hot things hot and cold things cold? Students explore the ins and outs of insulation and experiment with the effect of heat on cold air molecules. We also make a tasty cool treat using liquid nitrogen. Allergy Alert: Ice cream - homogenized milk, whipping cream, sugar, vanilla extract, ice cream cones.

Magnetic Marvels

  • Magnetism

What is attracted to a magnet and what is not? Students explore magnetic forces, observe magnetic fields and build a magnetic levitator to take home.