Classroom Presentations - Grade 3

Classroom presentations are 1 hour unless indicated.
Maximum of 30 students per presentation.

Gravel, Grit and Grime: A Closer Look - 1.5 hours, $30.00 surcharge

  • Rocks and Minerals

Our minerals program already rocks, but with the scanning electron microscope (SEM) we take it to the next level. See the layers of Biotite Mica, how Galena breaks off into cubes, and what Graphite looks like up close. Your students will get to explore rocks and minerals in stunning detail. This program is the same as our standard Gravel, Grit and Grime program with an additional 30 minutes dedicated to SEM exploration.

Additional Program Requirements: a white surface or projection screen, 2 or more electrical outlets

Program supported by NSERC’s PromoScience program:


Gravel, Grit & Grime

  • Rocks and Minerals

How is graphite different from hematite? As geologists, students learn to identify minerals through observation and testing. They will also examine a variety of rocks to understand their formation.

Junior Engineers

  • Building with a Variety of Materials
  • Testing Materials and Designs

How can you make a structure strong? As engineers, students construct model machines using LEGO® Technic Kits and design solutions to mechanical problems.

Sounds Around

  • Hearing and Sound

Can we make noise in outer space? Students explore how sound travels and how it is heard. They learn about sound waves and observe the pitch and volume of their voices on an oscilloscope.

Thrill Rides - 1.5 hours

  • Building with a Variety of Materials
  • Testing Materials and Designs

Can your team build an exciting ride with the required loops, curves and drops? Students explore the science of design, construction and testing as they build a roller coaster.