Classroom Presentations - Grade 6

Classroom presentations are 1 hour unless indicated.
Maximum of 30 students per presentation.

Forensic Lab: A Closer Look - 1.5 hours, $30.00 surcharge

  • Evidence and Investigation 

Take your students’ learning to the next level and explore forensic analysis using a scanning electron microscope (SEM)! This 90 minute program will expose your students to advanced microscope technology and allow them to explore their results in great detail. This program is the same as our standard Forensics Lab program with an additional 30 minutes dedicated to SEM exploration. 

Additional Program Requirements: a white surface or projection screen, 2 or more electrical outlets

Program supported by NSERC’s PromoScience program:


All About Flight

  • Air and Aerodynamics
  • Flight

How are aircrafts able to take flight? As engineers, students build gliders and other flying machines while learning about the properties of air and aerodynamics.

Heavenly Bodies

  • Sky Science
  • Greece: An Ancient Civilization

What can you see in the night sky? As backyard astronomers, students observe a variety of celestial phenomena during this presentation. The night sky is recreated inside our mobile planetarium where students learn to navigate their way through the constellations.

Forensics Lab

  • Evidence and Investigation

A crime has occurred and Science in Motion needs your students’ help! Students will act as forensic scientists by  analyzing soil samples, comparing tire tread patterns, and using a fingerprint fuming chamber to help capture the prime suspect. The game is afoot!