Classroom Presentations - Grade 8

Classroom presentations are 1 hour unless indicated.
Maximum of 30 students per presentation.

Pump Mechanics

  • Mechanical Systems

How can pressurized aire help create moving parts for simple machines? Students use LEGO® Pneumatic Kits to study the basics of pneumatics.

Roller Coaster Science - 1.5 hours

  • Mechanical Systems

Can your team harness the potential energy of gravity to build a fast, exciting roller coaster? Study how the design and mechanical elements of your roller coaster affect the kinetic energy of the system.

Eyes on Optics

  • Light and Optical Systems

Focus your students' attention on the nature of light using laser mazes, diffraction gratings, and an array of optic tools. Test the refraction indices of different materials and recreate Newton's spectrum experiments.  Reflect on how optics light up the world around us.