Classroom Presentations - Senior High

Classroom presentations are 1 hour unless indicated.
Maximum of 30 students per presentation.

Beyond the Naked Eye: An Introduction to the Scanning Electron Microscope – 1.5 hours, $30.00 surcharge *ALL NEW!

Dive into the world of microscopy and explore the wonders of the microscopic world! Students will learn how something as simple as lens or as small as an electron can lead us to great scientific discoveries. Students will examine a variety of specimens using magnifying glasses, dissecting and compound microscopes, and even a scanning electron microscope! 

Additional Program Requirements: a white surface or projection screen, two (2) or more electrical outlets.

Senior High Curriculum Connections 

  • Science 10 – Unit C: Cycling of Matter in Living Systems
  • Biology 20 – Unit D: Human Systems 
  • Biology 30 – Unit C: Cell Division, Genetics, and Molecular Biology

Program supported by NSERC’s PromoScience program:


Roller Coaster Science - 1.5 hours

  • Physics

Look at physics from a practical, fun perspective. Real world applications of the three laws of motion, forces of gravity and friction, and the conversion of gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy as they apply to roller coaster rides.