Science School 2016-2017

TWOSE is proud to be a part of the Inquiring Minds site-based school programs in Edmonton.

Applications for the 2017-18 school year are now open! We're looking for teachers with a sense of adventure to pioneer this new program with us!

This unique program will be piloted with six elementary or middle school classes and their teacher, each visiting TWOSE for a duration of one week. Science School is designed to inspire students to explore STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) through collaborative design projects, guided explorations of the natural environment, experimentation with engineering and technology, and learning through play.

This journey will help students develop a passion for science and discover the areas that excite them.

In addition, students are encouraged to journal and reflect on their experiences, as these are key components of the Inquiring Minds philosophy.

Ashley Settingiano, TWOSE's Science School site coordinator, will work closely with you, the classroom teacher, to identify resources available at TWOSE that line up with the “Big Idea” for the week. Though the classroom teacher is responsible for their class, we will help facilitate activities, events and reflections.

What to Expect:

Each class at TWOSE's Science School will have access to the IMAX Theatre and film library, interactive themed galleries, hands-on experiments and TWOSE's staff scientists! This is a very exciting time at TWOSE, , as we are leading up to renovations, including upgrading our Margaret Zeidler Star Theatre planetarium and redesigning several of our permanent galleries, which will make your school visits even more engaging.

Venues for teachers to consider for their Science School and Big Idea:

  • Permanent Galleries: The Body Fantastic, Syncrude Environment Gallery, Science Demo Stage, and Science Fundamentals will not be affected by the renovations or expansion and are accessible year-round. Let them inspire your Big Ideas and use them to your advantage. 
  • The Science Garage: This is a facilitated gallery and boasts a large workshop area where students can participate in hands-on activities and challenges to learn about engineering and technology. Exhibits in the gallery encourage experimentation, such as our vertical wind tunnels, where students can build flying objects to test what catches flight. 
  • Young Kids: Opening in late 2017, we will open an all-new and expanded Early Childhood Education gallery for children 8-years-old and under. The gallery will feature many Edmonton landmarks, recognizable to a child, such as the River Valley, the Edmonton International Airport and the High Level Bridge, to inspire young imaginations and facilitate learning and play.
  • Nature Exchange: Coming in late 2017, this new gallery will encourage exploration of the natural environment. TWOSE staff scientists will guide students to take a closer look at natural objects under a microscope and facilitate encounters with live animals. Students will be able to share research to earn points that can be exchanged for natural treasures. 
  • Astronomy: Coming in late 2017, TWOSE's new astronomy gallery and completely upgraded planetarium will be available for space exploration. Be it through a telescope, a full-dome planetarium show, or themed exhibits that put students in astronauts’ shoes. TWOSE's Observatory has seasonal hours and will not be affected by the renovations or expansion. 
  • Traveling Exhibition: Stay tuned to TWOSE's website, or sign up for Eureka!, our teacher newsletter, to be the first to know when we reveal our next exhibition. 


  1. Who can apply? Any teacher willing to work within the Inquiring Minds philosophy and participate in active journaling alongside their students.  
  2. How do I apply? Visit the Inquiring Minds website and fill out the application form.
  3. When can I apply? Applications for the 2016-17 school year are closed. Applications will open again in Spring 2017. Keep an eye on this website for updates.

Questions specific to TWOSE's Science School, contact: 

Ashley Settingiano
TWOSE School Programs Specialist 
TWOSE Science School, Site Coordinator
780-452-9100, ext. 2294