Grade 7 - Senior High

Grade 7

Engineer Force - 1 hour 

What forces are acting on structures and how can they be strengthened? Students use 'LEGO Technic Kits' to study construction methods.  

Topic Connections: Structure and forces

Roller Coaster Science - 1.5 hours 

Which team will design the best gravity-defying rollder coaster with loops, curves and drops? Explore how the forces of friction and gravity affect the speed and safety of your ride. 

Topic Connections: Structure and forces

Heat it Up - 1 hour 

Armed with infrared laser thermometers, students will investigate thermal energy. While exploring the particle model, students will learn about the difference between conduction, convection and radiation. Spark their interest with experiments on thermodynamics. 

Topic Connections: Heat and temperature

Grade 8

Pumps and Pressure - 1 hour 

How can pressurized air help create moving parts for simple machines? Students use  'LEGO Technic Kits' to study the basics of pneumatics.

Topic Connections: Mechanical systems

Roller Coaster Science - 1.5 hours 

Can your team harness the potential energy of gravity to build a fast, exciting roller coaster? Study how the design and mechanical elements of your roller coaster affect the kinetic energy of the system. 

Topic Connections: Mechanical systems

Eyes on Optics - 1 hour 

Focous your students' attention on the nature of light using laser mazes, diffraction gratings and an array of optic tools. Test the refraction indices of different materials and recreate Newton's spectrum experiements. Reflect on how optics light up the world around us. 

Topic Connections: Light and optical systems

Grade 9 

Exploration Generation - 1 hour 

Learn more about how we can explore the universe - without ever leaving Earth! Students will be surrounded by the stars in our mobile planetarium. Discover space theories from the past and technologies that have helped us overcome the challenge of space travel, as well as what new challenges we face on our way to Mars and beyond. 

Topic Connections: Space exploration

Power Up - 1 hour 

Gather your Grade 8 electricians and prepare to explore the various ways to produce electricity. Students will experiment with building batteries, solar powered cars and thermoelectric cells. Jump start your students understanding of energy transformations.

Topic Connections: Electrical principles and technologies. 

Senior High 

Roller Coaster Science - 1.5 hours 

Look at physics from a practical, fun perspective. Real world applications of the three laws of motion, forces of gravity and friction and the conversion of gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy as they apply to roller coaster rides.

Topic Connections: Physics