Dinosaurs Unearthed: Down to the Bone

Dinosaurs Unearthed: Down to the Bone


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Unearth newly revealed secrets 65-million years in the making

Inside Dinosaurs Unearthed: Down to the Bone, embark on a prehistoric journey about what life was like on Earth in the time of the dinosaurs... 

This exhibition invites you to challenge what you think you know about dinosaurs and explore spectacular prehistoric scenes, life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, full-scale skeletons, intriguing fossils, engaging content, and interactive activities. 

The most well-known dinosaur of our time is explored in-depth: 

Most commonly known for being a ferocious, bone-crushing killer, what many people do not know about the Tyrannosaurus Rex is that they were not always the biggest predators to roam the Earth...  

Go on a prehistoric journey

Receive your Dino Passport when you visit Dinosaurs Unearthed: Down to the Bone at TELUS World of Science - Edmonton or Jurassic Forest and participate in a dinosaur adventure.

When visiting Dinosaurs Unearthed: Down to the Bone and Jurassic Forest, children aged 3 to 12, can claim their Dino Passport at either location, then fill out the questions inside and receive your stamps to claim your prize!

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