Permanent Exhibits

Permanent Exhibits

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    Visit Robothespian in the Body Fantastic Gallery! 

    RoboThespian™ is a life-sized, interactive robot which was created to move, speak, communicate, interact and entertain. Visitors control and interact with the robot using a touch screen kiosk.

    RoboThespian is designed for easy and enjoyable communication, and can teach you about your body. Through high quality speech and visual recognition,...

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    Included with your Science Centre Admission Ticket

    TELUS Robotics Lab featuring the LEGO®  MINDSTORMS™ CENTER.

    Through a 45-minute guided program, visitors will build a program  Lego® models to perform a number of challenges. The experience combines the fun of Lego with the basics of robotics and programming. 

    The Robotics Lab is included with science centre admission and open to everyone. However, space is...
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    Open daily and included with your Science Centre Admission ticket.

    Winner of the 2013 CASCADE award for the Best Exhibit or Show – Large Institution.

    Our award-winning Syncrude Environment Gallery features displays and interactive exhibits unique to Edmonton.

    The centerpiece of the gallery is Science on a Sphere - an iconic 6-foot diameter projection system used by staff scientists to visually enhance presentations on environmental science. When our staff aren't presenting shows on the sphere, you can catch...

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    Open daily and included with your Science Centre admission!

    Our most popular gallery is designed to immerse visitors in the carnival that is The Body Fantastic!

    A variety of large 3-dimensional models show how bodies work, how brains make sense of the world around us and, best of all, everything weird. The Gallery of the Gross is a popular destination with several hands-on exhibits that are indeed gross.

    Visitors can look at X-rays, check...

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    Included with your Science Centre Admission Ticket

    Our original gallery, Space Place is all about the thrill of exploring the Universe.

    The gallery is home to several foreign items, including a real Moon rock on loan from NASA and a meteroite. Interactive stations allow guests to land learn and play with a myriad of senarios, including crashing a meteor into Earth, trying to successfully land the Lunar Lander, and building a successful...

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    Open daily and included with your Science Centre Admission!

    Where play is all about engaging, experimenting and discovering.

    The Discoveryland gallery has lots of exciting activities to explore, entice and spark the imagination of young visitors from infancy to 8 years of age.  
    Discoveryland features four unique areas to spark any young child’s creative learning through play.

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    The gallery is open daily and included with Science Centre admission!

    The Science Garage invites you to get your hands and minds busy with science.

    Create, compete, tinker, test, and build your way through a wide variety of activities and displays, including:

    • The Freedom Climber Wall - a climbing wall which teaches angular momentum as you try to traverse the wall as it rotates from your weight...

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