Flight of the Butterflies 3D

Flight of the Butterflies 3D

An awe-inspiring tale of extraordinary insect endurance and human perseverance.

Flight of the Butterflies is an interconnected scientific adventure story that spans thousands of miles and generations. It’s about the remarkable monarch butterfly migration, the longest known insect migration on Earth, and the determined Canadian scientist who spent 40 years trying to discover exactly where the butterflies mysteriously disappeared when they flew south for winter.

Danaus plexippus or Dana for short, is the monarch the film follows on her perilous journey from Mexico to Canada, along with her daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughter. The outstanding fourth, or “Super Generation” of butterflies travels more than 2,000 km south, all the way from the northern United States and southern Canada to Mexico, overwinters and makes one final short trip to the southern United States to lay eggs. Then, the cycle begins again. It is one incredible trip you won’t want to miss.

This family film provides combines spectacular cinematography with a remarkable story of scientific discovery.

Rating: G

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Butterfly Fun at Home

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