Grade 4 - 6

Grade 4

Simple Machines - 1 hour 

What are simple machines and how are they useful in our world? Students use 'LEGO Technic Kits' to construct model machines that incorporate a variety of simple machines to get the job done.

Topic Connections: Wheels and levers, building devices and vehicles that move.

Light Fantastic - 1 hour 

How does light travel? Students use a variety of optical devices to reflect and refract light. They also learn how the eye sees colour and experiment with coloured shadows. 

Topic Connections: Light and shadows

Green Scene - 1 hour 

It's cool to be green! Students join the environmental movement as they learn about waste, power conservation and where things go when you throw them away. 

Topic Connections: Waste and our world

Thrill Rides - 1.5 hours

Students work as engineers to build safe, fun, thrilling roller coasters. Who can fulfill all the building requirements and have the most exciting design?

Topic Connections: Building devices and vehicles that move

Grade 5

Who Haz What? - 1 hour 

Can your team identify the mystery spill? As members of an emergency response team, students test several "hazardous" substances to determine their physical and chemical properties. 

Topic Connections: Classroom chemistry

Green Scene - 1 hour 

It's cool to be green! Students join the environmental movement as they learn about waste, power and energy creation/conservation. 

Topic Connections: Mechanisms using electricity

Complete the Circuit - 1 hour 

Has the house been wired to code? As electricians, students learn how to draw the diagrams for simple series and parrallel circuits. They build each circuit on an electrical "house" to activate various devices. 

Topic Connections: Electricity & magnetism, mechanisms using electricity

Weather Works - 1 hour 

What are the driving forces of weather? What makes the wind blow? Students will get a taste of meteorolgy as they discover how the Sun influences weather patterns, make take-home weather instruments and even hold a cloud in their hands!

Topic Connections: Weather watch

Grade 6

All About Flight - 1 hour 

How are aircrafts able to take flight? As engineers, students build gliders and other flying machines while learning about the properties of air and aerodynamics. 

Topic Connections: Air and aerodynamics, flight

Space Focus - 1 hour 

Take a journey through the history of space discoveries and explore the optics behind telescopes with a viewing of Two Small Pieces of Glass in our mobile planetarium. Students will also build their very own telescope to take home! 

Topic Connections: Sky science

Heavenly Bodies - 1 hour 

What can you see in the night sky? As backyard astronomers, students observe a variety of celestial phenomena during this presentation. The night sky is recreated inside our mobile planetarium, where students learn to navigate their way through the constellations. 

Topic Connections: Sky science, Greece: an ancient civilization)

Forensics Lab - 1 hour 

As a team of forensic scientists, students analyze evidence to solve The Case of the Stolen Moon Rock. Evidence including soil, ink and fingerprints left behind at the scene of the crime are processed by students using forensic scientist methods. Let's get ready to solve a crime!

Topic Connections: Evidence and investigation