Science Demonstrations

Bringing science fun to life is at the heart of everything we do at TELUS World of Science. 

Catch our exciting science demonstrations on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.



12:00 pm  Sounds of Science
1:00 pmSuper Duper Chemistry
2:00 pmArcs and Sparks 
3:00 pmFire and Fury
4:00 pmCryogenics: The Ultimate Cool
5:00 pmDemonstrator's Choice

Schedule subject to change without notice.


TELUS World of Science’s Award Winning Science Demonstration: The Sounds of Science

Sounds of Science allows you to find out how music is produced and experienced by listeners and grants you the opportunity to SEE music using a fiery display through our new Ruben’s Tube apparatus. You could be the lucky audience member to speak or sing into a microphone and see what your sound waves look like!  In 2011, this demonstration won the Science Centre Demonstration Challenge from the television show Daily Planet

Arcs and Sparks

Discover the fascinating world of electricity and charged particles. Make hair raising and gravity defying discoveries as you learn about electromagnetic forces and the difference between static and current electricity. It’s electrifying!

Cryogenics – The Ultimate Cool

Do you think Alberta’s cold? This demo is way cooler! Come explore the science of cold as we discover what happens to the three states of matter when we rapidly freeze them to –196° C. As a special treat come sample our very own “Super-cooled Ice Cream”.

Fire and Fury

Fire is both an enemy and a friend to man; it can destroy all our belongings but at the same time feed us and keep us warm. Fire really is just a chemical reaction. Come and learn what three things are necessary to produce a fire and use scientific principles to explain some rather amazing phenomena!

Super Duper Chemistry

Chemistry is everywhere! It is used every time you cook, every time you start a car and even when you eat and digest food. Come and unravel some of the mysteries of chemistry during this fun filled demonstration.