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Strategic Plan

2019-2022 Strategic Plan

2022 is not that far away. Just four short years – 48 months – from now, we will be at the end of 2022, and we will be assessing our performance against the outcomes we are establishing now.On the surface, TWOSE in 2022 will probably look a lot like it does now – serving Edmontonians and Albertans with inspirational science experiences, and acting as an important community hub for a dazzling diverse array of activities.But at its core, the science centre will have grown, evolved, and strengthened.It will have moved tangibly closer to its Vision as that key destination in engaging Albertans' hearts and minds in science.

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Strategic Goals

Strategic Goal 1: Celebrate our science, our place

Albertans make significant global contributions in science, in fields as diverse as geology to artificial intelligence. As Northern Alberta’s science centre, we will showcase and celebrate Alberta’s emerging researchers and scientists and our unique insights and impacts. We will celebrate the science in our backyards. And we will focus on reaching our Northern Alberta audience, who make up 90% of our visitors.


1 Express Edmonton’s science story through exhibits, programs, and special installations

2 Deliver a program of science education to all of Northern Alberta

3 Develop and deliver science programs aimed at Indigenous populations in Edmonton and other Northern Alberta communities

4 Develop and implement a business plan for the renovated Queen Elizabeth Planetarium

Strategic Goal 2: Bring Aurora to life

Completing our Aurora Project, the bold expansion of our facility with new exhibition spaces and re-energized programs with a Northern focus, will require focus and planning as TWOSE operations will be maintained throughout the construction period. But the finished project will be a renewal, a rebirth, that will flourish and grow. The completed Aurora is a foundation upon which the science centre can pursue new science experiences that reflect, and resonate with, the present and future of Northern Alberta. Each new phase of the Aurora Project is just the starting point. It is not only what we do to build these new spaces that is important, it is what we do after we have built them that is important. They must be dynamic, responsive, inspirational spaces that evolve with the community.


1 Acquire resources and partnerships to complete the Aurora phases

2 Develop the Zeidler Dome as a venue for original productions in science, art, and public education

3 Activate and engage the new gallery spaces

Strategic Goal 3: Design and deliver outstanding visitor service – the TWOSE Experience!

Differentiation from our competitors. It is about sharpening our brand so that we stand out as an exemplar in the community. If we want to be the destination, then we have to deliver the experience.


1 Articulate and adopt TWOSE’s core values

2 Finalize our TWOSE Team Purple brand strategy and visual identity

3 Set objective targets for service and impact. Measure and reward progress

4 Engage the Foundation as a resource in serving the mission and objectives of the science centre