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Strategic Plan

This Bridge Strategic Plan articulates priorities and provides guidance to the organization as it navigates 2023 and early 2024, a period of considerable change. Not only is the Science Centre recovering from COVID and construction, there will be new leadership for Team Purple in mid-2023.

The bridge plan sets forth four strategic priorities that give the Science Centre direction over the next 18 months. This plan gets Team Purple thinking aspirationally about the future, a luxury that was not really possible during the pandemic. The organization needs to be forward-thinking and future-ready. The bridge plan is an essential element of that goal.

Download the entire 2023-2024 Bridge Strategic Plan

Strategic Goals

Activate the new visitor spaces and engage our visitors

  • Each exhibition gallery will continue to engage and delight our audience
  • Additional programs in various galleries developed
  • Production planned for the Zeidler Dome
  • Implement a business plan for Queen Elizabeth II Planetarium

Steward relationships locally and across Northern Alberta

  • Targeted MOUs and other agreements with important audiences and science partners
  • Connections established with new Arctic partners in science education
  • Refine systems and procedures for maintaining long-term relationships
  • with donors and Members

Sharpen the TWOSE Experience

  • Build a service model which defines key expectations for service delivery.
  • Measure the quality of service delivery and assess against annual targets.
  • Implement improved real-time information systems for managing operations,
  • school groups, and events.

Stabilize and expand digital delivery

  • Online programming expanded beyond Northland School Division, with service connecting to other distant school districts
  • Pilot programs North of 60°
  • Public programming online that keeps the Science Centre connected to our regional community and members