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Strategic Plan

2015-2019 Strategic Plan

In 2014, TELUS World of Science - Edmonton developed a five-year Strategic Plan built around the premise that TELUS World of Science - Edmonton could secure capital funding to support growth. With the approval on December 4, 2014, from the City of Edmonton for $12 million toward a $40 million rejuvenation plan, the plan moved forward.

Download the entire 2015-2019 Strategic Plan

Strategic Goals

Strategic Goal 1: Lead the Science Conversation

TELUS World of Science - Edmonton is poised to tackle new science that will define the Edmonton region in the 21st century. We will create a major new exhibition space devoted to the science of the polar regions, particularly the Canadian Arctic. We will expand our collaboration with the University of Alberta and others to create a window on contemporary, cutting-edge science. We will expand the hugely popular Discoveryland into a full-scale Early Childhood Learning Centre. And we will re-invent the Margaret Zeidler Star Theatre as a world-leader in data visualization.


1 Design and build a unique and inspiring visitor experience exploring the science of polar regions, particularly the Canadian Arctic.

2 Build upon our space science strength – be the resource for all things astronomy in our community.

3 Create new workshop and exhibit spaces that enable creative, insightful problem solving and produce greater participation from our audience.

Strategic Goal 2: Engage and Inspire our Audience

TELUS World of Science - Edmonton’s audience comprises of all ages throughout the Edmonton metropolitan region. We are here to serve all residents of the region, and sometimes that means we need to work a little harder to reach underserved audiences.


1 Deliver a best-in-class inspiring, educational, and fun visitor experience.

2 Act as a hub of science learning for our formal educational system.

3 Improve our inclusiveness to extend our reach.

4 Empower our team’s initiative and creative capacity.

Strategic Goal 3: Practice Sustainable Financial Operations

As the science centre grows, so does an increased financial risk. Larger, more complex budgets and transactions require reliable systems and processes, as well as properly trained staff. The centre is dependent upon sound finances to thrive, and it has made a commitment to the community to be an economic contributor, not an economic drain. To that end, TELUS World of Science - Edmonton needs to build new revenue streams, strengthen existing ones, and ensure that the entire organization is financially knowledgeable.


1 Grow existing revenue streams and diversify with new products and experiences.

2 Improve operational efficiencies and performance.

3 Increase attendance in the core attractions – Science Centre, IMAX Theatre, and School Programs.

Strategic Goal 4: Build a Standout Facility for our Community

The continued growth and success of the science centre depends upon renewal - not just of the content, but of the physical facility itself. The core science centre needs to meet growing demand, extend length of stay, add new science experiences, and serve the changing expectations of a 21st century audience. Improved amenities for food service, catering, events, and retail will make the overall experience more enjoyable. Edmonton needs a science centre with capacity to respond to a growing population.


1 Secure multi-source funding and partnership to achieve Master Plan vision.

2 Build a place-making, iconic building and footprint with architectural, cultural, and aesthetic value.

3 Become a true community hub and gathering place.