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  • Year in Review

    2020 was a year like no other.

    Like any responsible organization, we at TELUS World of Science – Edmonton work hard to understand the risks we face in operating a major science centre. We implement processes to mitigate those risks. Suffice it to say that prior to 2020 the word ‘pandemic’ did not appear in our Risk Register and continual risk analyses. It does now. But it is worth noting at the outset that the organization’s ability to cope with COVID-19 was well-served by risk mitigations put in place to meet other challenges.

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  • Mission & Vision Image - Ignite Curiosity. Inspire Discovery. Celebrate Science. Change Lives. The destination to engage Albertans' hearts and minds in science.
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Maintain Health of the Science Centre Team

  • Employee Health and Wellness became a strategic focus in 2020

    Wellness, diversity, and inclusion are important for building a resilient organization and a vibrant workplace culture. We focused on moving this work forward in an authentic and strategic manner.

    As a result of feedback from surveys, stakeholder engagement, and conversations, a wellness plan was developed for the organization. It is rooted in a holistic approach focusing on the employee, the context of the work, the home, and the organization’s purpose.

    Considering the ongoing pandemic we also developed and then continually improved all COVID policies for the organization. We followed Alberta Health Services protocols, as well as updates from Federal and Provincial levels of Government. All policies were then made readily available to employees. We were in constant communication with AHS to ensure we implemented the recommendations put forth.

  • Mental Health was also a strong focus in 2020

    The science centre started implementing Mental Health Tuesdays where a variety of resources, like articles, TED talks, and mental health research are shared with staff. Staff at various levels throughout the organization were trained in First Aid Mental Health. This initiative helped build awareness and understanding so that we could identify and respond to staff mental health needs.

    Upon our voluntary closure on November 28, we were able to maintain our staff team by pivoting the roles of our guest experiences staff. These team members have been taking on new responsibilities and building skills in everything from marketing and finance to donor relations and school programs.

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  • Ensure Financial Stability

    Revenues and Expenditures

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  • Funds and Endowments

    The Edmonton Space & Science Foundation is grateful for the visionary donors who have established the following funds to support our mission to ignite curiosity, inspire discovery, celebrate science, and change lives. These funds provide for the long-term sustainability of the organization and the Foundation encourages donors to make ongoing contributions to these funds.

  • Vega Scholarship Icon Graphic
  • Vega Scholarship

    Fund Value = $89,054

    The VEGA Scholarship Program was established in 1987 through the generous support of Helen Tkachenko. This fund sponsors elementary school-aged children to attend science camps, clubs, and school programs. In 2020, 37 children received funds to participate in Virtual Summer Camps.

  • Les Young For Science Education Icon Graphic
  • Les Young Fund For Science Education

    Fund Value = $21,240

    In 1999 The Edmonton Space & Science Foundation established the Les Young Fund for Science Education. It was dedicated as a permanent fund legacy in memory of his outstanding dedication and leadership. The fund provides opportunities for the development of unique and innovative programs to inspire, motivate and challenge students.

  • Seeds Of Science Icon Graphic
  • Seeds Of Science Endowment Fund

    Fund Value = $14,216

    This fund, managed by the Edmonton Community Foundation, was established in 2015 by John and Avery Stobbe. The revenues support the ongoing operations and programming at TELUS World of Science.

  • TWOSE Community Fund Icon Graphic
  • TWOSE Community Fund

    Fund Value = $5,604

    This fund provides complimentary admission to the science centre for marginalized Edmontonians in order to reduce barriers to participation.

  • Field Fund For Science Education Icon Graphic
  • Access Fund

    Fund Value = $21,183

    This fund removes barriers for low-income schools to attend science centre programs including bussing, program registration, and other supports as required.

Feature Exhibition Sponsors

Thank you to our generous corporate and community supporters who made our virtual programs, IMAX films, exhibitions, and special events possible for all our guests. Your continued support during the pandemic is invaluable and has allowed us to create innovative virtual programs that have inspired and engaged thousands of students in our community.

  • Marvel Graphic
  • The Science of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

    Presented by Jiffy Lube
    Supported by MIC Medical Imaging


  • Free Solo Graphic

    Australia’s Great Wild North

    Supported by GoRving Canada and RVDA Alberta

  • Superpower Dogs Graphic

    Out of Bounds

    Presented by EPCOR


  • What Are People Saying

    "I appreciate all that you are doing in regard to this current situation that we are in. You are handling things in the best way possible and bending backwards for us pass holders! Keep up the amazing work!"

    Rebecca Harrison

  • What Are People Saying

    “This will be the first year that I won’t be seeing the Christmas laser light show at @TWoSEdm I’m sad but also know that next year will be amazing when I get to go again #lovescience #yeg”

    Brian Croft – Twitter

  • What Are People Saying

    “Thank you! We will continue to be members at the Edmonton Space and Science centre for as long as we can. I have loved the place since it opened. Count on my family for continued support!”

    Will – Twitter

  • What Are People Saying

    “Your decision is very thoughtful for your patrons and staff for their health and wellness. Looking forward to re-opening day so all involved can enjoy their personal and professional experiences for “kids” of all ages.”

    Don Zabloski

  • What Are People Saying

    “Just registered the oldest (6-year-old) for @TWoSEdm summer camp. Thank you for going virtual! We had talked about camp before the world went upside down & we thought he would not get the opportunity. See you (virtually) in July! #yeg #twos #science #camp #backyardfun”

    VacationWishing – Twitter

  • What Are People Saying

    “Callum loved his birthday party, and the other parents gave feedback that their kids did as well. I think it was perfect for this group. It was really nice of you to leave teams open for them to just hang out afterward too. They haven’t seen very much of each other socially during the pandemic and have really missed that. It was so nice for them to just be able to chat. The kids loved it. Thanks again!”

  • What Are People Saying

    “My school is an inner-city school and it allowed them to actually observe the animals in their environment (most of which would not have noticed the animals if it weren't for this scavenger hunt).”

  • What Are People Saying

    “I didn't realize how much my child was feeling the effects of isolation until I saw the difference this camp made. Her instructors were engaging and managed the camp well. She interacted with kids that were interested in the same things she was - which made all the difference. My child was excited to go to camp every morning, she was racing around the house and backyard laughing as she completed all the activities, and she was eager to tell all her family members about what she learned. Thank you!”

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    “I'm Kieran's mom from your 9 am group. I want to say thank you for a wonderful camp experience for Kieran this week. Due to a work mix up my husband and I were not able to help most of the week and he was managing solo with our babysitter. He was so proud to do the camp on his own and was sending me pictures at work of his robot. We will definitely be looking to do more camps this summer. He was really happy and excited to get up every morning this week!”

  • What Are People Saying

    “Our school will be booking more virtual field trips! I was very impressed with how it went and how much the kids enjoyed it and learned from it!”


  • What Are People Saying

    “All the people here at Amiskwaciy Academy would like to thank you for the wonderful and awe-inspiring presentation and live stream we had with you this afternoon. Frank and Joel did an amazing job in transferring their knowledge and enthusiasm about astronomy to our students and it was a thoroughly engaging and fun experience for everyone involved. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day and earlier this week so that we could put this together for our kids.”