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Assembly & Community Presentations

Science in Motion offers assemblies that are created for a wide range of grade levels and intended to spark students’ general interest in exciting scientific topics.

Science in Motion also offers evening presentations to serve the needs of communities across Alberta. These presentations can only be offered when the outreach team is presenting at a local school during the day. Please call us to find out when we are scheduled to be in your area. Upon request, fun and challenging Science Brainteasers can be included in all presentations.

All community presentations require 2 tables, a garbage can, 2 or more electrical outlets, and access to water. Community presentations must be booked in a large space, such as a gymnasium.

Assemblies are 45 minutes in length.

Available Presentations:

Bite-Sized Science

A bit of this and a bit of that… Students engage in a variety of exciting demonstrations that spark their imaginations! Satisfy their cravings for science as
we use a singing fire tube, chemical reactions, flaming sound waves, and other engaging experiments.


Experience the ultimate cool as we explore the effects of liquid nitrogen on matter. Discover the reaction when gases, liquids, and solids are exposed to extreme temperature changes.


Discover the shocking world of electricity and charged particles. We explore static electricity, current electricity, attraction, and repulsion through the use of a plasma globe, Tesla coil, and a Van de Graaff generator.

Fire & Gas

We explore the fascinating phenomenon of fire with an in-depth look into combustion. Observe the creation of a fire cyclone, see flames of bright fuchsia, green, and red, and solve the mystery of the gases. Students are sure to get a BANG out of this assembly.

For the Love of Chemistry

Can two clear liquids combine to make all the colours of the rainbow? Find out for yourself! Get ready for exciting sights and sounds as we explore the wonderful world of chemistry. Students witness reactions and chemistry like never before!

Use the Force

Let’s harness the power of the forces around us! We will show you the levitation of a hovercraft, the thrust that a rocket engine can provide, and the velocity of a ping pong ball in our pneumatic cannon. Come and learn many exciting ways to use the forces of physics!