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Assembly Presentations

Science In Motion assemblies are created for a wide range of grade levels and intended to spark students’ interest in exciting scientific topics.

*All assemblies require 2-5 tables, a garbage can, 2 or more electrical outlets, and access to water. Assemblies must be booked in a large space, such as a gymnasium. Classrooms and typical libraries are not suitable. Assemblies are 45 minutes in length.

Available Assemblies:

Bite-Sized Science

A bit of this and a bit of that… Students engage in a variety of exciting demonstrations that spark their imaginations! Satisfy their cravings for science as we showcase some of the best demonstrations that we have to offer from across the many different science fields.

Fire and Ice

Experience the fascinating phenomenon of fire and the ultimate cool as we take an in-depth look combustion and explore the effects of liquid nitrogen on matter. Discover the reaction when gases, liquids, and solids are exposed to extreme temperature changes.

Use the Force(s)

Let's harness the power of the forces around us! Use applied physical forces to operate a mighty catapult, overcome the force of friction in a speedy hovercraft, and engage the force of electricity in shocking ways. Come and learn many exciting ways to use the forces of physics!

For the Love of Chemistry

This is one assembly program that is guaranteed to get a REACTION! Get ready for exciting sights and sounds as we explore the wonderful world of chemistry. Students will help us to explore compelling combustions, curious colour changes, cool catalysts, and will be captivated by the charms of chemistry.

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