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Traveling Nature Exchange

We're bringing the Nature Exchange gallery to your school! Students will become engaged in a nature hunt in their own backyard and school yard in this hybrid virtual and in-person program. Join us on curriculum-based nature walks and inquiry-based learning. The visit ends with a trading centre where students can trade natural items and new-found knowledge for items from our collection. Choose between 4 or 8 classes to participate.

With a Traveling Nature Exchange booking, teachers can expect:

  • One 45 min virtual program before your in-person visit
  • Pre-program activities
  • In person curriculum-based nature walk with your instructor. 
  • Trading centre set up at your school for students and community members
  • Please note this program involves outdoor activities. Students and teachers should dress accordingly.

  • 3-Day Package: 2 days of programming, 1 day of Trading, 8 classes
  • Cost: $600 +GST

  • 2-Day Package: 1 day of programming, 1 day of Trading, 4 classes
  • Cost: $400 +GST

Best Curriculum Fit:


  • What do I see, smell and hear in the community

Grade 1:

  • Topic B: Seasonal Changes
  • Topic E: Needs of Plants and Animals

Grade 2:

  • Topic E: Small Crawling and Flying Animals

Grade 3:

  • Topic A: Rocks and Minerals, Topic E: Animal Life Cycles

Grade 4:

  • Topic E: Plant Growth and Changes

Grade 5:

  • Topic D: Weather Watch

Grade 6:

  • Topic E: Trees and Forests

Book Your Traveling Nature Exchange Experience

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