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Curriculum Connections: The Science of Winter



  • Asking questions that lead to exploration and investigation
  • Investigating the nature of things
  • Making predictions and hypothesis
  • Recognize and describe steps in an investigation
  • Recognizing a control and variables – plan and carry out a fair test
  • Recording or drawing observations and measurements
  • Analyzing observations
  • Formulating conclusions and new questions


  • Curiosity & Confidence in science
  • Appreciation of the value of experience and careful observation
  • Perseverance in the search for understandings and for solutions to problems

Theme Specific Connections


  • Connections to our natural winter environments
  • Respect for our natural world

Curriculum Connections:

  • Heat and temperature
  • Cold and Warm
  • Physical properties of water (frozen, liquid, vapor)
  • Seasonal Changes
  • Exploring Liquids
  • Weather in Winter