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The Wildest Place You've Never Seen
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    • Tickets must be purchased in advance.
    • Guests age 3 or older must bring and wear a mask during their entire visit. Masks with Exhalation Valves or Vents will not be accepted.

    Far Northern Australia is a land of extremes. Huge bushfires ravage the ancient landscape in the dry season and the world’s biggest thunderstorms bring torrential rain and flooding in the wet season. These almost Jurassic conditions have created some of the richest wetlands on Earth.

    The coast, rivers and waterholes are haunted by sharks. The plains are guarded by territorial buffalo and venomous snakes, but the apex predator is an ancient dinosaur: the saltwater crocodile. Saltwater crocodiles have been on the planet in almost identical form for 200 million years -- even surviving the meteor strike that wiped out the rest of the dinosaurs.

    Embark on an epic journey through some of the wildest landscapes on Earth, as you dive deep into the crocodile's world. Venture across the whole Top-End of Australia, from the wild Kimberly coast through the mysterious and rarely seen Arnhem Land, and into the world’s oldest rainforest in Cape York.

  • Best Curriculum Fit:

    Grade 1

    • Topic E: Needs of Animals and Plants

    Grade 2

    • Topic E: Small Crawling and Flying Animals

    Grade 3

    • Topic E: Animal Life Cycles

    Grade 4

    • Topic E: Plant Growth and Changes

    Grade 5

    • Topic E: Wetland Ecosystems

    Grade 6

    • Topic E: Trees and Forests

    Grade 7

    • Unit A: Interactions and Ecosystems

    Grade 8

    • Unit E: Freshwater and Saltwater Systems

    Grade 9

    • Unit A: Biological Diversity

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