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  • Your Science Centre’s IMAX Theatre has the world’s most immersive movie experience!

    The IMAX Theatre is your place to journey to fascinating destinations, learn about the wonder and beauty of the universe, discover exciting award-winning science-in-action stories, and share your favourite movies with your family and friends.

    See unique IMAX movies at your Science Centre!

    Your Science Centre curates IMAX documentary adventures that use the highest-resolution IMAX cameras and cutting-edge sound technology as well as amazing 3D effects to bring you the world’s most immersive movie experience! These IMAX documentaries are short (under one hour) films that transport you to places you may never see in real life and make learning so fun, you don’t even realize you’re learning!

    You will also experience popular and thrilling Hollywood blockbusters and classics, some of which, if they haven’t been filmed with IMAX cameras, go through a process called IMAX DMR®, a process of digital remastering that enhances hundreds of details in every frame and creates a soundtrack optimized specifically for The IMAX Experience®.

    Just how special is the IMAX Theatre?

    The IMAX Theatre at your Science Centre was the first to open in Western Canada on July 1, 1984. It underwent extensive renovations to upgrade the IMAX technology and design and add wider, more comfortable seats in 2013. Due to the theatre design, it boasts the largest screen in Alberta, where, like other IMAX theatres, you get to see to up to 40% more image than regular theatres.

    It uses a state-of-the-art projection system called IMAX with Laser® with two laser projectors for a sharper picture in 4K and the best 3D. It also has a specially engineered seating layout to give you an unobstructed view of the screen, and 12 speakers with 12 channel audio and sub-bass for sound you not only hear but feel! Featuring special 3D glasses especially for IMAX 3D so you can see things you've never seen before in amazing detail!

    You don’t just watch an IMAX movie, you experience it! Learn more below.

IMAX® Theatre

Additional Ticket Required

IMAX® Theatre

Additional Ticket Required

IMAX® Theatre

Additional Ticket Required

IMAX with Laser Projection

The IMAX Theatre has a two laser projection system that delivers unparalleled 3D images in 4K with:

Brightness - imagine unmatched luminosity with lifelike, sharp images and better 3D because IMAX 3D glasses allow the maximum amount of light to reach your eyes.

Contrast - experience heightened realism with superior contrast levels, revealing details you've never noticed before.

Colour - explore a wider gamut of colours from the 150 lasers that bring on-screen visuals closer to real-life vibrancy.

IMAX Precision Sound

The IMAX Theatre has an integrated laser-aligned sound system that delivers powerful and immersive audio to reach an endless sound “sweet spot.”

12-channel Sound – 12 speakers completely surround you so you can hear and locate the smallest pin drop and the biggest explosion.

Boosted Sub-bass – you not only hear but feel the sound with a sub-bass that reaches an entire octave lower.

Precision-tuned – the speakers are calibrated on a regular basis to give you pitch-perfect sound.

IMAX Immersive Theatre Design

The IMAX Theatre is custom designed for a total immersive experience with:

An Unobstructed View of the Screen - a specially engineered seating layout to give the best seat in the house.

Hand-crafted Speakers - your seat is surrounded by 12 very large speakers.

Wider Field-of-view - to bring you closer to the action.

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