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40 Years of Celebrating Science!

Do you have a Science Centre story that's out-of-this world?

Calling all science geeks, aspiring astronauts, future scientists, and Science Centre fans ! Share your Science Centre memories, photos, and videos and be part of an EPIC anniversary project that will blow your lab coats off!

Were you in the crowd when the doors swung open on July 1, 1984? Ever had a mind-bending encounter with a robot? From unleashing your inner mad scientist, to exploring the cosmos, submit those stories and get ready to GEEK out for the Science Centre's 40th trip around the sun!

Share Your Science Centre Stories!

Igniting Curiosity

From hair-raising encounters with the Van de Graaf generator, to floating among the stars in the Zeidler Dome - there's more to science than textbooks. Share those electrifying moments that sparked your curiosity!

Inspiring Discovery

Did you squirm through the "Gallery of Gross" in The Body Fantastic, or feel like an ace detective on the case in Mystery Avenue? Share those inspiring moments of discovery that left you feeling like a mad scientist - minus the evil laugh.

Celebrating Science

Let's hear it for science! Where else can you mix explosions, laser shows, and mind-bending experiments all in one place? Share those stories and give three cheers for celebrating science since 1984!

Changing Lives

From aspiring astronauts, to budding scientists, every visit to the Science Centre has the power to change lives - just ask Canadian Space Agency astronaut Joshua Kutryk! How has the Science Centre changed yours?


Share Your Story

From cosmic discoveries through telescopes, to "Aha!" moments under microscopes, share your Science Centre stories!