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Two-eyed Seeing and Science Education: The Role of Alberta's Science Centres

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  • Thank you Whitney and Telus World of Science team for an amazing and wonderful virtual science session related to Grade 2 curriculum - Exploring Liquids. Each of the students from class 2M had fun and learned a lot related to the topic. The favourite part of this session was the prediction question and answer session which developed students' curiosity and made them think about along with lava lamp activity. We would love to connect with you for future sessions and recommend the same for all the young and curious learners in Alberta Schools to participate in these sessions to enhance their learning. Our class appreciates you and your team for all the time, effort and planning with regards to bringing this session live into our classroom.
    Ms. Elizabeth Martin, Teacher, Grade 2M, St. Theresa School

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If you would like to speak to someone at Northland School Division regarding their experience in partnering with TELUS World of Science please contact:

Michael Maciach

Director of Educational Technology


If you would like to connect with the Education team at TELUS World of Science – Edmonton or Northland School Division please contact:

Alan Nursall, President & CEO - ANursall@twose.ca

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Michael Maciach, Director of Education Technology - Michael.maciach@nsd61.ca

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