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Mini-Scientist Birthday Parties


Celebrate your child's birthday with TELUS World of Science - Edmonton and leave the science of a perfect birthday up to us.

See their excitement as we induct them into the exclusive honorary TELUS World of Science - Edmonton scientist club and give them their own exclusive Purple Science Centre Lab Coat to wear and keep. A scientist will lead your party guests through exciting hands-on experiments, and to top it all off, you will then enjoy unlimited access to all our exhibit galleries for the rest of the day.


AGES 5-12:

School of Magic

Need a little more magic in your life? See us perform incredible magic tricks, science experiments and learn a few tricks to amaze your friends… with science!

Science Chefs

Do you have a chef in training? Try hands-on food science experiments and end with our famous liquid nitrogen ice cream.

Astronaut Academy

You have been recruited to blast off on a mission to the moon, and it’s time for your astronaut training. Do you have what it takes to live on the moon?


  • A purple mini-scientist Science Centre lab coat for the birthday child
  • Tailored science experiments with an energetic science presenter
  • Dedicated enthusiastic science presenter
  • Science Centre Admission
  • Live science demonstrations and drop-in programs throughout the day
  • Your own fun Birthday Zone located in the Purple Pear for food and gift giving
  • One small personal pizza (6”) per person
  • One cupcake and juice box per person
  • 10 children (birthday child + 9 guests) & 2 adults – changes to the package may result in additional charges
  • One child’s Science Centre admission pass for each party guest to come back for a visit at a later date


$385 ($346.50 for members) +GST

*additional attendees $26.95 per person to a maximum of 5 additional guests. Call 780-451-3344 or email to add on additional attendees.

Additional add-ons:

Call our bookings team (780-451-3344) to add a show to your party:

- IMAX movie: $121.41 ($95.80 for members) +GST

- Zeidler Dome show: Free

Invitation Templates:

Complete your party with a customized invitation template! Simply click on the link that matches your party theme to download the fillable PDF:

Birthday Parties

Book your mini-scientist party online now. Check the link below for available dates and times. For questions, please contact our bookings team at 780-451-3344.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about birthday parties.

1. When is the deadline for making changes to my booking?

The deadline is 10 days prior to the party to make any changes:

Want to add attendees? Each additional attendee is $26.95 +GST, and you can add up to a maximum of 5 additional attendees. We are not able to accommodate larger groups.

Want to change your pizza order? The default option is individual cheese pizzas for all attendees. You can change any number of these pizzas to pepperoni.

Any additions or changes with less than 10 days' notice will not receive the discounted birthday package price. The less than 10 days package price will be $33.95+gst each. The same Birthday Party food options may not be available with less than 10 days' notice and will be substituted with an alternative meal. We may not be able to accommodate specific allergies.

Please email us at or call our bookings team at 780-451-3344 to make any of these changes. We will email you a reminder two weeks prior to your party to finalize details.

2. What is the cancellation policy?

Birthday parties are non-refundable. If cancelled 14 days prior to the date of the party, a 50% refund will be issued. Cancellations made with less that 14 days' notice will not be refunded. Please email for cancellations.

3. I need help picking a theme, tell me more!

All our party themes are a lot of fun, so we recommend picking the theme based on the interests of your child. They are all interactive, and you can expect the experiments to be hands-on and messy. Each party features experiments that you will not see anywhere else at the science centre.

4. Can I request a specific demo or experiment?

We cannot do custom parties or experiments at this time. Please select one of our themes!

5. We’re celebrating two birthdays at the party; can I purchase an extra lab coat?

You bet! Adding on an additional lab coat is $23 +GST. Please call us at 780-451-3344 to make this change.

6. What should I expect day of?

Arrival. When you arrive, please check in at the box office. We will have a birthday party meeting point set up next to the box office for the party attendees to meet you. We have a space behind the box office where you can store jackets and birthday presents for the duration of your visit. We recommend you arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before the party start time and have your guests arrive early so that your group is ready to go at the party start time.

Party. Our Science Presenter will pick up your group at the birthday party meeting point at the party start time and take you up to the party room. The next hour will be full of science experiments based on the theme you selected. After the science, we will drop you off at the birthday space in our Purple Pear restaurant where you will be served pizza, cupcakes, juice and water. You will have 45 minutes for the pizza party. You’re welcome to use this time to open presents if you would like.

Explore. After the pizza party, the formal part of the party is over, but your group is welcome to explore the rest of the science centre exhibits or see a show in one of our theatres.

7. Do we get access to the science centre all day?

Yes, your party booking comes with science centre admission. Your group is welcome to arrive early or stay late to explore the exhibits. Check out our website to see what’s happening or ask anyone from Team Purple who you see throughout the day. They would be happy to help you figure out how to plan your free time for exploring the science centre.

8. The birthday child or one of the attendees has special needs. How can you help accommodate us?

We’re an inclusive organization and we will try our best to make accommodations so that the child has a great time at the party. Some of the things we be helpful to know: Do they have specific sensory issues?

  • Are there any triggers that can be avoided?
  • Are there any ways we can make the space more welcoming?
  • Anything you want to know to help them prepare for the day?

Anything else we should know?

Please email us at with any information you’re willing to share that will help us accommodate the child during the party. We do lend out sensory backpacks and earmuffs at the box office if that is helpful, and our science presenters can cater the party to their specific needs.

9. What is the birthday space like?

The science experiments and the pizza party happen in different spaces. The science will be up in one of our private classroom spaces, and the pizza party is at private tables in our Purple Pear restaurant.

10. Can I bring decorations?

Yes! You’re welcome to bring tabletop decorations for the pizza party– tablecloths, themed napkins, plates, and party hats work great. Please do not bring confetti, silly string, balloons, or anything that needs to be hung up on walls. You are also welcome to bring birthday candles and a lighter for singing happy birthday before the cupcake dessert!

11. What if an individual party attendee wants to come early or stay late?

The birthday party attendees are welcome to come early or stay late, but anyone accompanying them will need to pay general admission for the day.

12. We’re interested in going to see a show in the Zeidler Dome or IMAX theatre.

Great! The Zeidler Dome shows are included in the party for free, but the IMAX shows come with an additional cost of $121.41 ($95.80 for members) +GST. Please call our bookings team at 780-451-3344 for the schedule and to have a show added to your booking.

13. Can I bring a cake or other outside food to the party?

We do not allow outside food, including birthday cakes. We serve cupcakes to all guests during the pizza party! You are welcome to bring birthday candles and a lighter for the cupcakes. Please do not bring outside food to the party unless it is to accommodate an allergy and you have confirmed with us beforehand.

14. One of the children attending the party has an allergy or food preference, what can you do?

For the pizza party, our Purple Pear restaurant can make accommodations for some allergies. Please let us know in advance at so we can add any necessary accommodations to your booking.

Dairy allergy or vegan? We can make a Daiya grilled cheese sandwich for the child. We do not have a dessert option, but you’re welcome to bring a single-serve dessert for the child.

Vegetarian? The cheese pizza and the cupcakes are vegetarian, so no accommodations are needed.

Celiac/gluten free? We can make a gluten free grilled cheese sandwich for the child. We do not have a dessert option, but you’re welcome to bring a single-serve dessert for the child.

Egg allergy? The pizza does not include egg. We do not have a dessert option, but you’re welcome to bring a single-serve dessert for the child.

Peanut or tree nut allergy? The food does not contain peanuts or other tree nuts, but we cannot confirm that there has not been cross contamination. In the case of a severe allergy, you are welcome to bring an individual lunch and a single-serve dessert for that child to eat instead.

Shellfish allergy? The food does not contain shellfish, but we cannot confirm that there has not been cross contamination. In the case of a severe allergy, you are welcome to bring an individual lunch and a single-serve dessert for that child to eat instead.

Don’t see the allergy or preference listed here? Please reach out to us at for more information.

15. What allergens are part of the Science Chefs party?

The liquid nitrogen ice cream is usually made with cream, but we can substitute it for coconut milk if the birthday child has a dairy allergy. We have cups instead of ice cream cones for children with gluten allergies. There are no peanuts or tree nuts in any of the ingredients for the experiments, but we cannot confirm that there has not been cross contamination in the case of severe allergies.

16. What if the birthday child gets sick?

Feeling sick? Stay home! In the event of illness, bookings can be rescheduled to a later date. We ask that you please do not come to the science centre unless you are feeling well. Call our House Manager at 780-868-9000 to notify them that you will not be coming. Our bookings office will reach out on Monday to help you rebook.

17. Have other questions that we missed?

Please email us at and we would be happy to answer any questions that you have.