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Today's Programs

  1. Fish Feeding

    10:00 am

  2. Flight of the Butterflies IMAX 3D

    10:00 am

  3. Inflatable Planetarium: One World, One Sky

    10:00 am

  4. Exploration Station

    10:30 am

  5. Spectacular Spectrum – LIVE

    11:00 am

  6. Dream Big IMAX 3D

    11:00 am

  7. Inflatable Planetarium: The Sky Tonight

    11:00 am

  8. Meet a sea star at the Touch Tank

    11:15 am

  9. America Wild IMAX 3D

    12:00 pm

  10. Thermal Theatrics – LIVE

    12:00 pm

  11. Chicken Physics – LIVE

    01:00 pm

  12. Under the Sea IMAX 3D

    01:00 pm

  13. Molecularium - Star Theatre

    01:15 pm

  14. Jerusalem IMAX 3D

    02:00 pm

  15. Inflatable Planetarium: Two Small Pieces of Glass

    02:15 pm

  16. Incredible Predators IMAX 3D

    03:00 pm

  17. Inflatable Planetarium: The Sky Tonight

    03:15 pm

  18. Animal Encounter

    03:30 pm

  19. Mysteries of China IMAX 3D

    04:00 pm

  20. Fish Feeding

    04:15 pm

  21. Ladies' Night: The Holiday (2006)

    07:30 pm

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