Send a Message into the Stratosphere!

It's a bird?! It's a plane?! ...It's TELUS World of Science – Edmonton's Weather Balloon! 

Friday, November 10 was International Science Centre & Science Museum Day (ISCSMD) and to celebrate we launched a high-altitude weather balloon!

Weather balloons are fascinating tools! These high-altitude balloons are capable of collecting data, such as: atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity and wind speed all measured with an Arduino powered device as well as an on board GPS for tracking! They can also carry personal messages -- like your name, a wish or note for a loved one! 

The Science Garage team worked at designing and constructing our own weather balloon, and on Friday, November 10, we launched it!

Google Map with GPS data points for you.

- Highest velocity was immediately after burst at 46.789 m/s

- Lowest onboard temperature in the box was –6.8 degrees celsius

- Duration until burst was 2 hours and 52 minutes

- Most satellites connected at one time was 13 Google Map of trip