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Unique Game Codes

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Grade 1 Topic B: Seasonal Changes

In these hunts students will identify signs of the changing seasons. Students will learn how humans and animals adapt to changing seasons in Alberta.

Game Godes: Spring and Summer Hunt: KK799K / Fall and Winter Hunt: 97G71Z

Grade 2, Topic E: Small Crawling and Flying Animals.

In this scavenger hunt you will observe outdoor environments to learn about small crawling and flying animals and their habitats. What do they eat? How do they survive in their environment?

Game Code: QMB1WQ

Grade 3, Topic E: Animal Life Cycles

In this scavenger hunt, students will observe the life cycles of animals in their environment. They will investigate animal adaptations, habitats and what animals need in order to survive.

Game code: QMQ346

Grade 4 Topic E: Plant Growth and Changes

In this scavenger hunt you will learn about the different plant parts and their functions. You will learn about ways of starting new plants and what plants need to grow.

Game Code: VJ7B84

Grade 5 Topic D Weather Watch

In this scavenger hunt students will observe the weather and keep a journal. Students will make predictions based on their observations.

Game Code: 1BVQWE

Grade 6 Topic E: Trees and Forests

In this hunt students will learn how trees are different from other plants. Students will explore the different parts of a plant and their functions.

Game Code: 67JDB1

Grade 7 Unit A: Interactions and Ecosystems

In this three-part scavenger hunt, students will build their knowledge and understanding of ecosystems and the interactions within them. Your students will identify parts of an ecosystem, observe relationships within an ecosystem, investigate how humans influence ecosystems and monitor the ecosystem around them. This scavenger hunt includes:

  • Observation handout
  • Food web handout
  • Optional extension activity

Game codes:

  • Part 1: DD5KW5
  • Part 2: JWDG4P
  • Part 3: 7D9518

Grade 8 Unit A Mix and Flow of Matter

In this hunt students will learn about properties of fluids and different types of fluids.

Game Code: VJBZ73

Grade 9 Unit A: Biological Diversity

In this hunt, students will examine how biologically diverse organisms interact in an environment.  Which relationships are beneficial and which are harmful?  

Game Code: EZ8GKJ